January 2019
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Leith Walk future

A remarkable joint submission by Greener Leith, Spokes, local Community Councils, the Cockburn and other groups puts the council under unprecedented pressure to come up with a truly people-friendly Leith Walk, including a ‘protected’ uphill cycle lane …


Edinburgh Council Cycle Policy

What should Edinburgh be doing now under its new Labour/SNP administration? And, following the Olympics, will it include a Sir Chris Hoy Cycle Network? …


Edinburgh sets new standard

[Big update below, 14.2.12] Edinburgh City councillors have taken a remarkable decision on cycling investment in today’s Council 2012/13 budget, setting a completely new standard for other councils…


Council Elections 3 May 2012

Spokes has issued a manifesto to political parties contesting the City of Edinburgh council elections…


Nov 17: Spokes Public Meeting

A poster [pdf 241k] is now available. Come along to hear and ask about latest developments in Edinburgh’s Active Travel Action Plan and how its cycling policies compare to Oxford’s Dual Network [click public meeting for more on each].

Bulletin 111: SNP manifest’No

The Scottish Government’s draft 2012-13 budget, now being consulted on, makes a mockery of the SNP election manifesto of just 6 months ago, which promised to “increase the proportion of transport spending on … active and sustainable travel.”


Onstreet overnight bike parking

Edinburgh Council has unveiled its pilot scheme to install overnight bike parking in tenemental and other areas where bikes cannot be stored indoors. If interested for your area, apply by 9 December.


Nov 17: Edinburgh and Oxford

The Spokes autumn public meeting will compare cycling policies in Edinburgh and Oxford…


20mph zone ok’d in limited form

The South Edinburgh wide-area 20mph zone today got the go-ahead, but most ‘through’ roads will now remain at 30mph…


Council to backtrack on 20mph?

Edinburgh City Council is proposing to retreat on its South Edinburgh 20mph plans, but you can help prevent this …