June 2020
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Spokesworker 19.6.11: expert interview

Interview by European Cyclistss Federation (ECF) with Prof John Pucher – world expert on what works to get more people on bikes. For more on this…


Cycling England killed: final message

Cycling England disappears on 1st April 2011 under the UK government’s Bonfire of the Quangos – a tragic and ill-considered loss, casting doubt on the government’s supposed wish to grow cycle use, and on its ‘green’ agenda.


CEC Active Travel Action Plan

Edinburgh Council’s Active Travel Action Plan [ATAP], incorporating the Cycling Action Plan, has been finalised and agreed by the Council’s Transport Committee.


The Big Example

Anyone organising a big event at a potentially car-based site could learn a great lesson in terms of encouraging sustainable access from The Big Tent environment festival on July 23-25 in Fife.

Advance Stop Lines research

Research is being conducted at Edinburgh Napier University on “Driver compliance with advanced stop lines with and without coloured surfacing in Edinburgh” …


Bulletin 106 – Cycling investment falling

Cycling investment across Scotland risks falling in every year of office of the SNP government – but there are positive signs at Edinburgh Council.


Shift to bike commuting continues

The November Spokes traffic count shows bikes rising to 13.0% of all vehicles during the 8-9am rush hour, averaged over our 4 counting points – the fourth successive annual rise, and up from 12.5% in November 2008.


Scottish Parliament Inquiry – Spokes submission

In response to the Parliament’s Active Travel Inquiry Spokes calls for greatly increased funding for cycle projects, and improved ways of delivering the funding.


Bulletin 105 – Late 2009

Good news from Edinburgh Council, whilst at Holyrood the draft budget for 2010/11 yet again boosts trunk road spending whilst maintaining cycling investment at a miserable level.