April 2014
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Bike/Rail Scotland : update

We now have email contacts enabling you to contact bidders for the ScotRail franchise – and it is important that you do so! … Continue reading Bike/Rail Scotland : update

Bike Sheds – need to know!

Early experience with use of the Spokes factsheet about bike sheds shows that many people do not realise that sheds in front gardens have to be of relatively modest proportions and acceptable to the Council’s Planning Department… Continue reading Bike Sheds – need to know!

Edinburgh Local Transport Strategy 2014-19

[Update 14.1.14: The LTS was approved today by councillors and can now be quoted as Council policy].
The Council’s new Local Transport Strategy is a major document setting out a detailed policy framework for transport decisions over the next 5 years.  In general its content is very welcome and will be extremely valuable to quote when commenting on individual future transport and planning proposals… Continue reading Edinburgh Local Transport Strategy 2014-19

Scotland Bike/Rail – the future

Spokes has written to the five companies intending to bid to run the ScotRail franchise … Continue reading Scotland Bike/Rail – the future

Season’s Greetings from Spokes

Seasoning to suit all tastes…
Christmas PresentOliver Twist (he was right!)The Wise Men (and Women)A New BirthAngel requiredA Room in the (Gard)Inn … A Time for FriendsOur favourite cheeps (tweeters only)
… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (click here to guarantee it’s happy)

Meadows to Innocent

Spokes has responded to the Council consultation.  You have until 16 December to send in your own comments… Continue reading Meadows to Innocent

Independent of Cycling?

What vision does the Independence White Paper promise for transport – and for cycling and walking in particular? … Continue reading Independent of Cycling?

Consultations: please take part

Four major cycling-relevant consultations are now underway in Edinburgh: Local Policing Plans; a Meadows-Innocent link; further work on the Leith-Portobello route; and closing the missing link between Edinburgh and Midlothian’s route to Roslin and PenicuikContinue reading Consultations: please take part

Bikes up, Cars down – again!!

The November Spokes traffic census found the highest ever number of bikes (up even on May numbers) and the lowest ever November count of private cars.  Remarkably, more than one in every five vehicles heading for the city centre along bike-unfriendly Lothian Road was a bike… Continue reading Bikes up, Cars down – again!!

Policing Plan + Spokesworker

November sees drop-in police consultation events around the city to gather ideas and comments for Edinburgh Local Policing Plan 2014-17Continue reading Policing Plan + Spokesworker