December 2014
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20mph: Have Your Say by 17 Oct!!

Edinburgh Council is consulting on one of the most ambitious 20mph plans of any UK city.   But the plans risk being cut back.  You can help ensure they get through – and are improved further …


Spokes Bulletin 118

Out now!  …  Edinburgh progress in sustainable transport; Preventing Haymarket tramline crashes;  Transport & Planning: failure in joined-up thinking; Council Local Transport Strategy supplement; Everyday bike use pictures; and loads more…


Edinburgh SkyRide 7 Sept 2013

Thousands of people are expected to try out cycling on traffic-free roads in Edinburgh this Saturday 7 September…


Edinburgh SkyRide 8 September 2012

Thousands of people are expected to try out cycling on traffic-free roads in Edinburgh on Saturday 8 September…


Factsheet: Get your Child Cycling

There’s a great new Spokes factsheet for parents wanting to help their children get cycling independently …


Spokesworker 17.06.12 : jammed!

The new Spokesworker [pdf 548k] is jam-packed with useful and interesting info, from Edinburgh cycling politics to reporting taxi incidents, from getting kids cycling to ordering PoP postcards.  For previous issues see our Spokesworker page.

Spokes Summer mailing

Spokes Bulletin 113 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland, and countless other cyclists and interested individuals (well, to be a little more precise, around 13,000 for this issue!)


Bulletin 112: Edinburgh Excels

The Spring Spokes Bulletin praises Edinburgh City’s remarkable “5% + external funding” budget decision [also rising by 1% a year] as a model for other Scottish Councils…


Free family-cycling training for parents

If you have children, especially young ones, would you like to cycle with them for your every-day journeys?  Do you have any friends/ colleagues in that position? …


Cycle commuting with kids – latest!!

The printed version of the new Spokes factsheet How to be a Cycling Family is now available – and the Bike Station is offering free training and support for local parents interested in giving family cycling a go!