July 2024

Roadworks & cycling

This page is about catering and signing for cyclists during roadworks and road closures.

See also our page on road maintenance policies.

2310 “Pavements and cycle lanes should be kept open during roadworks to give priority to pedestrians and riders even it increases delays to other traffic” .. Scottish Road Works Commissioner 

2006 Coltbridge viaduct 11-week maintenance closure  Diversion map by Spokes  Complaint letter to CEC (also about other closures)  Council reply (includes statement that the promised ‘Best Practice’ factsheet below has been delayed by staff reassignment to covid Spaces for People)

1909  In year 2019 there was extensive effort by Spokes to get improvements in treatment of cyclists at roadworks – see timeline below

  • The council has a factsheet on this, but it largely restates standard government guidance (issued in 2013).  As a result of our discussions it was agreed by senior officers that the Council would prepare revised ‘Best Practice’ guidance.   This might (or might not) form part of the series of Street Design Guidance factsheets, but would not be in the next batch of factsheets then being drawn up.   Spokes subsequently submitted ideas for the factsheet (para 1908 below).
  • There is no doubt that this is a difficult issue, given the number of contractors involved, both council contractors and those of the utilities and other bodies who can dig up streets.  However proper consideration for cyclists should be a requirement whenever permission is granted (to internal or external contractors) for works on the roads, and this should be enforced during the works.

1908 Letter to Edinburgh Council  with suggestions for content of the promised Council ‘best practice’ factsheet which would provide guidance for contractors and council officers

1905 Council reply to a Spokes Porty letter (via Cllr Maureen Child) re catering for bikes at roadworks [note differences to the reply below, from a different section of the Council]

1904 Spokes Planning Group letter to Council re catering for bikes at roadworks  Council reply

Examples of Good and Bad practice in Edinburgh

Note that the ‘good’ examples are not necessarily perfect, but do show genuine attempts to cater for cyclists at roadworks rather than total neglect or a knee-jerk ‘Cyclists Dismount.’  A Best Practice factsheet could take these examples as starting points, to be improved further where necessary.