May 2024

DdF work report

Dave is paid a small fee by Spokes towards part of his time, and therefore this page outlines the work done.  It of course don’t cover the huge amount of work done by other Spokes activists.

Initially, there were regular monthly reports, but this is no longer done because most of the info that was in the reports already goes elsewhere on the website, as below, and thus preparing regular reports was not a productive use of time.

  • Preparation of the Bulletin 3 times a year – including obtaining advertising and a relevant centre-page supplement (paid for where possible)
  • Mailouts organisation [distribution is here.  With some 20 volunteer delivery areas in Edinburgh and another 20 or so further afield, this isn’t a trivial task]
  • Email circulars and Spokesworkers to all members, aimed as far as possible at encouraging members to take action
  • Email circulars to relevant members (e.g. about issues in their locality).  Most such circulars are not on the website, but some are here – examples to West Lothian members.
  • Organising campaigns on specific current issues, often jointly with other members or groups.   Examples:  Bike/rail cuts (with our bike/rail liaison person);  Scottish budget (every year!);  Domestic bike storage (with our expert on that);  Elections;  and so on  …
  • Website posts on whatever are the current major issues, particularly where we wish members to take action.
  • Membership and organisations databases – working with our database volunteers to ensure as up-to-date as possible, and to get the necessary outputs for mailings or for other purposes (e.g., for our stall organiser, lists/emails of members volunteering to help at stalls)
  • Website reference documents – loading onto website, including major submissions by Spokes to government and councils;  advice sheets;  competition data and results; traffic count results; and so on…
  • Twitter account – making considerable efforts to target relevant audiences/people for specific imporant topics/campaigns (hence a large following); avoid tweeting most trivia and most long conversations, to retain emphasis on main issues.  Example – bike/rail cuts – over 170 retweets, in part due to tweeting this to many relevant destinations, including identifying relevant local tourist and media twitter accounts.  To find other examples, search through our likes.
  • Helping organise annual Spokes competition, and outcomes from it.
  • Resources Group coordination.
  • General coordination – there is a great deal of coordination – for example trying to ensure that relevant people/ groups are kept in touch with relevant issues/ actions/ people; and that there is always a person or group responsible for important current issues where a Spokes response or action would be valuable.
  • This is far from a complete list but it hopefully covers the main regular activities.   There are also many ad-hoc, one-off issues, such as assisting our incoming-email volunteer with various replies.

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