April 2015
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£7m new active travel cash

The Scottish Government has announced £7m completely new money for cycling and walking infrastructure, to be spent this financial year 2014/15… [August update – how £4.5m of the cash will be used – Sustrans press release table of projects]


Independent of Cycling?

What vision does the Independence White Paper promise for transport – and for cycling and walking in particular? …


Spokes National Cycling Proposal

Please support our proposal for a national project to kick-start everyday cycling in every council area within Scotland. You can help!! [July 11: Spokes has now responded to the NPF3 and SPP consultations. See 1307 on our national submissions page].


Spokes Bulletin 116

Out now! … Edinburgh to Forth Bridge – major path upgrade; Parking in bike lanes – hope for Edinburgh? ; Spokes big summer competition; Strict Liability supplement; and loads more… […]

Cars down, bravery not yet up

The Spokes Spring Public Meeting on 8 April heard a challenging message to politicians from Scottish transport expert Prof Iain Docherty, followed by pleas from Jim Eadie MSP and Cllr Jim Orr for maximum public backing to help achieve greater investment and tougher policies to encourage more people to get about by bike …


Cycling up slightly in Budget

The Scottish government’s 2013/14 budget brings a small recovery in cycling investment from this year’s low point – but investment is still well under 1% of total transport spending, and nowhere near enough to reach the government’s 2020 target of 10% of all trips to be by bike…


Budget protest: photos & report

Around 350 people turned up for the budget protest today – an inspiring gathering of highly motivated citizens…


Jan 11 Budget Protest

Unless the draft SNP budget is amended, cuts in walking/cycling investment look to be even worse than Spokes predicted, with only some 67 pence of every £100 transport spending likely to go to active travel. Please contact your MSPs and join the lunchtime protest on Weds 11 January [click on the graphic and see […]