November 2009

Spokes at Parliament Transport Committee – video

Spokes gave oral evidence on 24 November to the Inquiry into Active Travel (cycling and walking) by the Scottish Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee.


Spokes ‘Copenhagen’ Sunday Ride, 6th December

Spokes regular Sunday ride is a bit different on Sunday 6th December – it is supporting RIDE PLANET EARTH in support of a strong climate change agreement at Copenhagen.


Scotsman article on Princes Street

See today’s Scotsman (23rd Nov) for an opinion piece by Lesley Riddoch based on discussion at the public meeting last week. You will have to buy the paper or have a subscription to see the whole article at Letters to the Scotsman in response welcomed.

Shift to bike commuting continues

The November Spokes traffic count shows bikes rising to 13.0% of all vehicles during the 8-9am rush hour, averaged over our 4 counting points – the fourth successive annual rise, and up from 12.5% in November 2008.


Scottish Parliament Inquiry – Spokes submission

In response to the Parliament’s Active Travel Inquiry Spokes calls for greatly increased funding for cycle projects, and improved ways of delivering the funding.


Spokes Sunday Bikes Rides

First Sunday of every month (Except if the First Sunday is January 1st, then the ride will take place a week later, on January 8th). Meet at 10am, at the Usher Hall, Lothian Road.

Free guided bike rides along cycles paths and quiet roads to destinations in The Lothians, Fife or The Borders. Come along […]

Members’ circular + missing white lines

A circular is going out to all emailable Spokes members in the next couple of days.


Spokesworker 11.11.09

The Scottish Parliament has launched an Inquiry into Active Travel (walking and cycling) – this and much more is covered in Spokesworker 11.11.09 …


A8 underpass – pushbikes only!

A new underpass of the A8, at a critical location, will only allow bikes to be pushed – unless you object now!!


Old Dalkeith Road – plans changed!

Despite the extensive work that has gone into developing these proposals, councillors have decided on a major last-minute change. However, it is possible that the eventual net outcome will be beneficial to cycling conditions, for the reasons below.