November 2009

Spokesworker 11.11.09

The Scottish Parliament has launched an Inquiry into Active Travel (walking and cycling) – this and much more is covered in  Spokesworker 11.11.09 …

The Active Travel Inquiry has been set up by the Scottish Parliament’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee (convener, Patrick Harvie MSP).    Part of the reason for the Inquiry (this is our opinion) is the frustration of the Committee that the government paid no attention to their recommendations on walking and cycling in last year’s budget discussions.   After taking evidence from many bodies last year, the Committee had recommended increased funding – and had proposed our Spokes submission as a possible approach.   But their recommendation was ignored – even though this was the only recommendation for budget changes formally made by any of the Parliament’s subject committees.

During the following 12 months there have been no government initiatives to boost cycle funding, despite the increasing understanding of the issues of energy security, carbon emissions, public health and congestion – and the new Climate Change Act, of which the Scottish government is so proud.  Meanwhile the Scottish government continues to hike trunk road funding hugely!!   The 2010-11 budget shows it £233m higher than in 2008-9 – a massive rise of over 25%.

See Spokesworker 11.11.09 for more on the Inquiry and how you can give written evidence – please consider doing so!

Also in Spokesworker 11.11.09

Scottish budget latest – first step towards success – if you’ve not written to MSPs, please do so now!   See Oct 24 news item for what to do.  By the time you read this, the Transport Committee will probably have completed its report on the budget.  That now goes to Finance Committee – so ask your MSP to speak to their party representative on Finance Committee – that is where we had our first failure last year.  Unfortunately the Transport Committee report is confidential until after Finance has considered it – but we very much expect it will again recommend increased active travel funding.

Old Dalkeith Road and other possible South Edinburgh cycle projects – see also Nov 6 news item

Ten Rail Station €˜Fietspoint€™ Cycle Hubs – but none in Scotland – the Spokes budget proposals could help!

Edinburgh Council Road Safety Strategy €“ ideas wanted.

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