May 2022

Planning Group

Minutes and any other organisational docs. Planning Group mainly responds to issues and developments relating to the road and path networks in Edinburgh and the Lothians, as well as to planning applications. Details of next meeting are usually at the end of the latest minutes.

Current consultations Important PANs & planning apps
Note – this supersedes the previous spreadsheet Consultation responsibilities [xls] which proved too time consuming to keep updated.

220512 Planning agenda

220329 Planning agenda/notes

220124 Planning agenda

211216 Planning agenda/notes

211109 Planning agenda/notes

211012 Planning agenda/notes

210916 Planning agenda/notes

210819 Planning agenda/notes

210722 Planning agenda/notes

210624 Planning agenda

210519 Planning agenda

210422 Planning notes

210317 Planning notes

210223 Planning notes [pdf]

210203 Planning notes [pdf] 210203 Planning agenda draft [pdf]

210112 Planning notes [pdf]

201202 Planning notes [pdf]

201103 Planning notes [doc]

200929 Planning notes [doc]

200908 Planning notes [pdf] – first online Planning meeting

200621 Planning lockdown agenda, for email discussion [doc]

200523 Planning lockdown agenda, for email discussion [doc]

200317 Planning minutes [doc]

200210 Planning minutes [doc]

200107 Planning minutes [doc]

191203 Planning minutes [doc]  191203 Planning agenda draft [doc]

191031 Planning minutes [doc]  191031 Planning agenda draft [doc] 

191001 Planning minutes [doc]  191001 Planning Agenda draft [doc]

190827 Planning minutes [doc]

190723 Planning minutes [doc]

190618 Planning minutes [doc]   190618 Planning agenda draft [doc]

190515 Planning minutes [doc]    190513 Planning agenda draft [doc]

190409 Planning minutes [doc]

190205 Planning Agenda draft [doc]  190205 Planning minutes [doc]

190108 Planning minutes [doc]

181127 Planning minutes [doc]

181023 Planning minutes [doc]

180918 Planning minutes [doc]

180816 Planning minutes [doc]

180717 Planning minutes [doc]

180614 Planning minutes [doc]

180403 Planning minutes [doc]

180306 Planning agenda [doc]  180306 Planning minutes [doc]

180206 Planning agenda draft [doc]  180206 Planning minutes [doc]

180109 Planning agenda draft [doc]  180109 Planning minutes [doc]

171129 Planning minutes [doc]

171025 Planning agenda [doc]  171025 Planning minutes [doc]

170920 Planning minutes [doc]

170816 Planning agenda [doc]  170816 Planning minutes [doc]

170712 Planning minutes [doc]

170627 Planning minutes [pdf] Special meeting to discuss wider issues

170530 Planning minutes [doc]

170425 Planning minutes [doc]

170328 Planning minutes [doc]

170221 Planning minutes [doc]

170118 Planning agenda [doc]  170118 Planning Minutes [doc]

161214 Planning draft agenda [doc]  161214 Planning Minutes [doc]

161116 Planning Minutes [doc]

161010 Planning Minutes [doc]

160905 Planning Minutes [doc]

160725 Planning Minutes [doc]

160620 Planning agenda [doc]  160620 Planning Minutes [doc]

160509 Planning agenda [doc]  160509 Planning Minutes [doc]

160404 Planning agenda [doc]  160404 Planning Minutes [doc]

160229 Planning Minutes [doc]

160125 Planning Minutes [doc]

151214 Planning Minutes [doc]

151109 Planning provisional agenda [doc 14k]  151109 Planning Minutes [doc]

151005 Planning Minutes [doc 24k]

150831 Planning Agenda [doc 16k] 150831 Planning Minutes [rtf 17k]

150727 Planning Agenda [doc 13k] 150727 Planning Minutes [doc 19k]

150615 Planning Minutes [doc 23k]

150511 Planning Minutes [doc 24k]

150330 Planning Minutes [doc 25k]

150215 Planning Minutes [doc 24k]

150115 Planning Minutes [doc 22k]

141208 Planning Minutes [doc 22k]

141103 Planning Minutes [doc 22k]

140929 Planning Minutes [doc 19k]

140901 Planning Minutes [doc 20k]

140721 Planning Minutes [doc 22k]

140616 Planning Minutes [doc 20k]

140512 Planning Minutes [doc 17k]

140331 Planning Minutes [doc 19k]  Canal-Meadows workshop report [pdf 137k]

140224 Planning Minutes [doc 23k]

140120 Planning Minutes [doc 27k]

131216 Planning Minutes [doc 19k]

131111 Planning Minutes [doc 51k]  131111 Planning Agenda [doc 14k]

131007 Planning Minutes [doc 15k]

130902 Planning Minutes [doc 16k]

130722 Planning Minutes [doc 16k]

130603 Planning Minutes [doc 17k]

130415 Planning Minutes [doc 47k]

130305 Planning Minutes [doc 49k]

130122 Planning Minutes [doc 21k]  Poor Planning outcomes list [doc 26k]

121210 Planning Minutes [doc 22k]

121029 Planning Minutes [doc 47k]

120924 Planning Minutes [doc 20k]

120806 Planning Minutes [doc 20k]

120626 Planning Minutes [doc 19k]

120514 Planning agenda [doc 16k] Planning Minutes [doc 40k]

120402 Planning agenda [doc 12k] Planning Minutes [doc 30k]

120227 Planning Minutes [doc 21k]

120123 Planning Minutes [doc 32k]

111205 Planning Minutes [doc 32k]

111024 Planning Minutes [doc 31k]

110905 Planning Minutes [doc 18k]

110725 Planning Minutes [doc 30k]

110530 Planning Minutes [doc 18k]
110418 Planning Minutes [pdf 60k]

110307 Planning Minutes [pdf 57k]
110124 Planning Minutes [pdf 76k]

101207 Planning Minutes [pdf 63k]

[sorry, no minutes May-Nov]
100412 Planning Minutes [pdf 131k]
100301PlanningMinutes [pdf 201k]

100119PlanningMinutes [pdf 201k]

091130PlanningMinutes [pdf 204k]

091019PlanningMinutes [pdf 166k]

090902PlanningMinutes [pdf 151k]

090728PlanningMinutes [pdf 139k]

090622PlanningMinutes [pdf 178k]

090511PlanningMinutes [pdf 165k]

Planning Core Group  [txt 2k]