May 2024

Bike parking [public]

This page refers only to bike parking for leaving your bike temporarily, e.g. when shopping, visiting, etc.  It mainly covers public onstreet parking, although other parking provided for the public (e.g. by a shop) is shown where known.   For information on bike storage – i.e. secure overnight storage, see our bike storage page.

Edinburgh Council has installed a large amount of bike parking round the city.  This is mainly of two types.  Where possible, the Edinburgh rack, which is a Sheffield rack with an added horizontal bar.  Where space is restricted, the lamppost cyclehoop is used.

To suggest additional locations


The Council installs new bike parking in batches, rather than bit by bit.   It assesses suggestions received and if appropriate puts them on a waiting list until the next batch of installations.

To find existing locations
  • Edinburgh Council atlas Covers Edinburgh Council area
    • Click the Layers icon (looks like a stack of paper) then, transport : cycle facilities : cycle parking
    • Note that the atlas has a huge amount of other data and can be used for many purposes – see here.
  • OpenStreetMap Covers UK – and the world! – relying on volunteers to keep it updated
    • Bike parking with more than 20 spaces is shown as a blue square with letter ‘C’ and the number of spaces.  If less than 20 spaces, it is shown as a small blue square.
    • If you can’t see cycle facilities, click the Layers icon on the right which looks like a paper stack, then click Cycle Map.
  • Parkur.Bike – find bike parking near your destination.  Uses data from  Important to type your exact destination (postcode if possible) as parking further away is not shown.

There is more about the Council Atlas and about OpenStreetMap, including how to submit updates, on this page