June 2016
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Cycling cash 15/16 highest ever (just!)

Scottish Transport Minister Derek Mackay MSP has announced an additional £3.3m for active travel (mainly infrastructure) this financial year, bringing the total to nearly £40m, roughly 1.9% of total transport spending.


Spokes National Cycling Proposal

Please support our proposal for a national project to kick-start everyday cycling in every council area within Scotland. You can help!! [July 11: Spokes has now responded to the NPF3 and SPP consultations. See 1307 on our national submissions page].


Spokes Bulletin 116

Out now! … Edinburgh to Forth Bridge – major path upgrade; Parking in bike lanes – hope for Edinburgh? ; Spokes big summer competition; Strict Liability supplement; and loads more… […]

Spokes Bulletin 115

Out now! … Edinburgh Council budget 2013/14, Princes Street pedestrian/cyclist huge potential [Jan Gehl], two victories on garden bike shed removal orders, ‘everyday cycling’ pictures, and loads more…


10% by 2020: Vision or Target?

The Scottish Government wants 10% of all journeys to be by bike in 2020. Is this a ‘vision’ or a ‘target’? …


CAPS Refresh : Spokes view

Responding to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Cycling Action Plan for Scotland, Spokes calls for political leadership and adequate funding if the government is to move towards its own 2020 target of 10% of trips to be by bike…


Scottish Budget process fails – again!!

For the fourth year running, MSPs have been convinced by expert evidence of the need for greater funding if there is to be any hope of reaching the government’s cycle-use target. But, despite this, the draft Scottish budget 2013/14 is unlikely to change – thanks to political cowardice and government obfuscation.


Spokes Summer mailing

Spokes Bulletin 113 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland, and countless other cyclists and interested individuals (well, to be a little more precise, around 13,000 for this issue!)


Future Transport Fund

The new Future Transport Fund, announced in the draft budget, was fleshed out somewhat today by Transport Minister Keith Brown – but does not redress the Scottish Government’s drastic cuts to active travel investment.


Budget protest: photos & report

Around 350 people turned up for the budget protest today – an inspiring gathering of highly motivated citizens…