May 2024

North Edinburgh

It is difficult to classify some projects e.g. are they North or West??  Check out other areas on this page.    For Spokes submissions on more general Edinburgh policy issues see this page.

2402 Powderhall Junction (see also 2209) Consultation / Spokes response /

2302 Roseburn to Canal  Work begins  Project website

2209 Powderhall Junction  Consultation / Spokes response

2103 Roseburn to CanalPlanning Committee report   Approval

2009 Roseburn to Canal – planning application submitted, ref 20/03561/FUL.  There are over 200 documents(!) including Planning Statement & Design Impact Assessement.   Spokes response

2005 Crewe Road South [covid temp cycle lane] Consultation Spokes response

2005 Warriston Road [covid temp closure]  Consultation  Spokes response

2002 Granton Waterfront Development Framework [see also 1811 below] Consultation  Although this was on the Council’s Consultations page, it was ‘for info’ – no responses were sought.  We were anyway fairly happy with it, or would have responded.

1906 Roseburn to Canal – project revived (was 1601/1402 below).  No consultation website [contact is].  Boundary map  Masterplan map  Consultation leaflet  Comments from individuals  Spokes response

1811 Granton ‘Waterfront’ consultation – a new ‘City Quarter’ with 4000 homes on brownfield land.  Consultation.   Spokes response.

1703 Dean Park Cres/ Queensferry Rd consultation  Summary   Consultation website   Spokes response

1612 QR13 Lower Granton Road consultation  Summary  Consultation website  Spokes response

1612 North Edinburgh Path Network consultation on improvements  Summary  Consultation website  Spokes response

1612 QR20 Inverleith Place to Goldenacre Path  Summary  Consultation website  Spokes response

1611 QR20 Carrington Road consultation  Summary  Consultation website  Spokes response

1610 Cycling consultationscircular [pdf] to members in north, west and east Edinburgh about a wide range of consultations

1601 Roseburn-Canal link  Council project web page   Public consultation webpage    Spokes Roseburn-Canal consultation response [pdf]

1402 Roseburn-Canal link  Initial outline plan  [pdf]