May 2024

Spokes Favourite Cycle Rides booklet

The Spokes Favourite Cycle Rides booklet describes eight of the best entries in our 2015 ‘My Favourite Bike Ride’ competition.  Competition winners were chosen not just on the basis of the routes, but also on why they were so special to the person.

The rides in the booklet were selected from the best entries so as to give a variety of areas, distances and types of ride.  Most of the rides (and their names) were amended somewhat from the original entries, to make them as helpful as possible for somebody new to them.

Please note that the rides in the booklet are not fully detailed and your exact route should be decided in conjunction with a map – the booklet indicates which of the Spokes maps are needed for each ride.

For other rides, unaccompanied or accompanied, see our rides page.

Getting your copy
  • The booklet costs £2 and is on sale (at the time of writing) only in Edinburgh Bicycle
  • You can also order direct from Spokes (£3 including p&p) or you can request a free copy when you send an order for maps direct to Spokes.  Details on our maps page.
2016-Favourite-Rides-booklet-23HR COVER

Click picture for booklet pdf

Below are the original competition entries for each of the 8 rides in the booklet.  Further information for some of the rides may also be added.
1 East Edinburgh Parks and Panoramas

original entry –   The Edinburgh fEASTival  Comp2015_36

2 Cramond Lifesaver

original entry –  Cramond Lifesaver  Comp2015_17

3 South West to Riccarton

original entry –  South-west Edinburgh circular  Comp2015_22

4 Out to East Lothian

original entry – Explore East Lothian: the perfect cycling county Comp2015_6

5 Go West on the John Muir Way

original entry –  Go West the John Muir Way!  Comp2015_34

6 Midlothian Hills and Woods

original entry – Midlothian South Explore  Comp2015_11

7 Rivers and Ropeswings

original entry – Rivers & Ropeswings  Comp2015_23

8 Home from Armadale

original entry –  Home from Armadale  Comp2015_16