July 2022

Community bike project funds

This page lists possible funding sources for bike projects in the local community.  You will of course need to check whether your project idea fits the criteria of the grant scheme.   Note too that some grants are only available at certain times of year, so check too for any application deadline dates.

ScotWays  Grants between £500-£1500 50/50 match funding for community projects involving path work, mapping and/or signing of routes.  See the ‘Forms’ section on their downloads page.

Neighbourhood Partnership community grants – allocated by Edinburgh Council to Neighbourhood Partnerships for local projects – but this funding may be scrapped as part of council budget cuts.

East Lothian Council community funding web page – local funding including lots of useful info even if you don’t live in E Lothian.

Scotland Community Funding Sources – database of 0ver 800 funds, put together by SCVO.

SNH Community Action Grants – £1,000 to £20,000 for short term projects (12 months or less) that promote community environmental action.

Cooperative Membership Community Fund – grants up to £2000 for local community groups with a positive idea to solve a local problem.  You don’t need to be a registered charity to apply, but your project must:  address a community issue, provide a long-term benefit to the community, support co-operative values and principles, and ideally be innovative in its approach. The money comes from donations by Co-operative members who have
given a percentage of their share of Co-op profits.  The money available in each region is the amount which members from that area have donated.

People’s Postcode Lottery Trust – funding of (currently) £500-£10,000 (depending on various conditions) for small organisations and community groups operating in the areas of:  Poverty Prevention; Advancement of Health; Community Development; Public Sports; Human Rights; Environmental Protection.

The Big Lottery – Grants large and small for projects supporting health, education, environment and charitable purposes.  Around £600m per year!!

Cycling Scotland has a range of small grants (usually a few £1000 per project, but new £10k limit in 2011) which come and go depending on government funding and on current priorities – for example workplace projects or cycle training.  There is a community projects grant scheme most years in the late autumn or early spring.

Scottish Government has a range of funding opportunities, including the Climate Challenge Fund which supported the Spokes project on bike storage for tenements and flats.