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Bike storage: tenements & flats

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1907 How to be a Cycling Flat-Dweller [pdf 1.6MB]  Spokes factsheet.  Paper copies of this factsheet are available from Spokes, free for small quantities.  Correction: p8 – the Council cycling info address is now www.edinburgh.gov.uk/onfootbybike

1307 Lambeth Council has installed 27 ‘Bike Hangers’ onstreet in residential areas  – each lockableLambeth Bike Hanger and holding up to 6 bikes, a total of 162 spaces so far – more are planned.  Users pay £5 a month for a key to their nearest ‘hanger.’   “An innovative cycle parking programme that looks to use the carriageway for the purposes of secure or over-night cycle parking where people have no space for their bikes at home. To our knowledge this is a UK first. This program is targeted towards high density multi-occupancy terraced housing where there is very little available space outside of the carriageway.”  Further info on Lambeth’s wider approach to cycle parking.



SPOKES 2010/11 BIKE STORAGE PROJECT & FACTSHEETS – now superceded by 2019 factsheet in para 1907 above.

In 2010/11 Spokes ran a project focused on a serious barrier to greater cycle use – inadequate cycle storage in Edinburgh tenements and flats.  A fact-sheet and products database have been produced (see below).

Climate Challenge Funding allowed us to commission research (by TPi Consultants) on the issues and possible solutions for Edinburgh tenement / flat residents.  Based on this work, the above materials were produced.  They cover many of the ‘hardware’ options, plus some of the wider issues around permissions and regulations.

Spokes does not have funding for practical implementations.  However, wide interest has been expressed, and already several individuals, stairs and community groups are investigating options and (for some communal solutions) seeking funding for necessary equipment.

*** Project materials

We hope the materials below will enable many current and potential cyclists (such as you?) to take practical action on cycle storage – as an individual and /or jointly with neighbours, as appropriate to your circumstances.

Project Final Report [pdf 1.7k]  NB: Appendix 4 is the product database below; Appendix 5 here; other appendices missing

How to be a Cycling Flat-Dweller [pdf 815k] – Detailed [8-page] downloadable Spokes factsheet.

How to be a Cycling Flat-Dweller [pdf 1118k] – Shortened [4-page] version of the above.   Also available in printed form – email us if your group could use some copies.

Factsheets update, year 2015 [pdf 238k] – update to the above two factsheets, re garden storage and re the Council onstreet secure storage project.

Product Database [xls 606k]   This database has been assembled by TPi consultants on behalf of Spokes, and represents a snap-shot of products on the market [as at November 2010] for bike storage solutions in various circumstances.  Remember, though, that equipment options and suppliers come and go.

Project updates [link]  A page for any useful updates to the above factsheet and product database.

Funding opportunities [link] Sources of grants which might help with community cycle projects – some might be able to help with communal bike storage schemes.

*** Future intentions and how you can help

Production of the materials is just the first stage of a continuing project to achieve widespread improvements in bike storage across the city, enabling more people to cycle more often.   We are very grateful for the help already received from Spokes members and other local residents.   Now here are some ways that you can help take the project further…

  • Give us feedback on the materials and news on action you are considering to make storage improvements for your home, your stair or your local area.   You can do this by filling in a quick SurveyMonkey form at www.surveymonkey.com/s/XX5982Y or emailing spokesbikestorage@spokes.org.uk.
  • If you have a storage solution that might be helpful to others, we’d love to hear from you. We hope to compile a set of case studies to inspire others, so please do send them in (especially if there are complications, such as a listed building, a large number of co-residents, conflicts to overcome etc).
  • The Council is proposing some pilot on-street bike storage installations as part of its Cycling Action Plan. Spokes is in contact with the relevant department and will keep members informed (via the website, Twitter and our usual printed publications) of opportunities as plans develop. If you have suggestions – e.g. locations, possible equipment, or managing such facilities once in place, please contact Spokes.  Our on-street facilities survey results already give some ideas on what facilities might be most useful and most used.

*** Subsequent Edinburgh Council action

On-street bike storage – Cllr Mackenzie arranged a meeting with Spokes and relevant officers to discuss this.  The agreed note of the 9.3.11 meeting [pdf 74k] outlines how the on-street bike storage pilots should now develop.

*** Other related work/ideas

Making a garden shed door more burglar-proof.   Our 2011 competition (‘My Cycling Solution’) included an entry which gave excellent detailed instructions for cheaply making it less easy to lever the hasp and hinges off from a door [pdf 153k].

London Cycling Campaign: cycle parking and storage webpage www.lcc.org.uk/index.asp?PageID=66<

Cambridge Cycle Campaign: “How to Provide Cycle Parking: a Step-by-Step Guide for Planners and Providerswww.camcycle.org.uk/resources/cycleparking/guide.

Hackney HomeBikePark project:
Report on pilot project 2004-2006 [pdf 3.2MB]
Factsheet/Bulletin, winter 2003/4 [pdf 3.4MB]

*** Background reports / documents on the Spokes project

For reports and other documents related to or produced during the TPi work for Spokes in 2010, including the TPI final project report click here.