May 2024

Useful operational info

Materials for inclusion in documents, conference applications, etc

Spokes logo –  colour pdf   B/W pdf   colour jpg   B/W jpg   Notes…

  • If the logo is being printed at a very large size, the pdf will remain completely sharp whereas the edges of the jpg may get a bit grainy
  • The colours of the jpg seem slightly richer, but if you will be getting the logo printed don’t anyway expect the shades to reproduce exactly, whether you use the pdf or the jpg.

About Spokes  –   65 words  120 words  150 words  240 words [the 240 version needs edited depending on purpose – this was for reverse of Spokes East Lothian map]

Spokes Liability Insurance

Spokes Groups

      Local area groups

Individual responsibilities outside of Groups

Spokes facebook Rosie Bell
Spokes incoming email Rosie Bell
Spokes twitter Dave du Feu
Spokes website content Dave du Feu
Spokes website technical Stuart Threlfall
Spokes phone Ian Maxwell
Office Manager & incoming post Anne Douglas
Membership database Clair Barrass
Groups email lists Martin McDonnell
Bike/Rail Ewan Jeffrey
Media contacts [see next section after this table for more details] Ian Maxwell
Representives on other bodies
BEST rep John Robson
Scot Parl’t, Cross-Party Group Dave du Feu
Transport Scotland, Road Safety Framework 2030, Local Partnership Forum East Caroline Brown & David Monaghan

Spokes media spokespersons

Spokes email aliases & forwarding (as at Oct 2020)

Email address alias
Auto-forwards to Mies K Clair B Ewan J Dave dF Dave dF Peter H Martin McD Michaela J Peter H Anne D Robert S Martin McD Kate S
Emails and website contact forms received by Manually forwarded if on topics shown (NB spokes email cannot forward to a spokes alias)
Topic Forwarded to…
Membership Clair + Dave
TRO / RSO Sandy + Peter + Martin

Other Spokes-related email addresses

Email address Goes to Spokes Porty –> Kirsty Spokes South Edinburgh –> Stella + John Spokes Dalkeith –> Andrew Matheson


Letter to new and renewed members [pdf 177k]

Spokes shared online storage

  • Agreed as at December 2019
  • Important spokes files should in general be permanently stored on Spokes space (with passwords and permissions as appropriate – in case anyone with material on their home PC gets run over by a bus etc). Obviously people will tend to do current work on home PCs.

  • New arrangements…

    Storage location


    Google Drive


    Type of content

    Internal, confidential or not intended for outside access

    General Spokes use; e.g. documents being developed

    Public documents e.g. final versions of submissions

    Intended main users

    Relevant individuals only

    Active members, particularly group members


    Main top level folders (initially)

    Databases; maps; office

    To be decided, possibly include: Graphics; Planning

    Documents\submissions; Documents\advice

  • Important to ensure storage is organised with clear structure – e.g. top level folders as above, then suitable carefully thought-out lower level folders.

  • A Dropbox account is owned by an email account, and Rosie has set this up under Spokes email address. Clair databases & office files now moved there. Maps files awaited. Same people as now retaining access by being given permission to access relevant folders. Rosie and Dave have the password to access the entire spokes dropbox account.

  • Google drive requires a google account – Martin has set up and is creating folders for Planning and for Graphics. Rosie and Martin to discuss how to set up the account and structure it further. Currently much planning group material is on Martin’s personal google drive, but not very structured. Rosie also to store spokes pictures here, intended primarily for access by anyone within spokes.

  • Website – public-access documents already reasonably structured within the two folders in table above.