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South Edinburgh

It is difficult to classify some projects by area..

  • This page is for areas South of the Grange/Morningside/KB area
  • For Southside/Meadows/Grange/KB etc see our South Central page
  • Check out other Edinburgh areas on this page
  • For Midlothian (or other Lothians areas) see here
  • The Sheriffhall saga has led to wider lobbying on trunk road cycling issues – see the national issues page
  • For Spokes submissions on more general Edinburgh policy issues see this page.

1810-> Sheriffhall connecting routes, and the City/Region Deal

1805 QR61 Old Dalkeith Rd crossing & connections at Royal Infirmary  consultation summary  consultation website  Spokes response

1708/1710/1808 Sheriffhall roundabout  The extensive pressure led to a major rethink and 2 stakeholder workshops showing greatly improved provision.  Notes from 2nd workshop (Oct 2017)Worked-up cycleroute plans (Aug 2018).

1706 Sheriffhall roundabout (and trunk road projects more widely)  Spokes supports petition by Michaela Jackson of Gorebridge Community Trust at Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee.   [1709/1710 and 1802 – further correspondence – see National issues page, para 1706].

1704 Sheriffhall roundabout  ScotGov chooses Option B – the worst for cycling.  Spokes letter to Transport Minister.   Government reply.  Our website story and tweet.    Sustrans response.   Sustrans blogpost.   We continually use Sheriffhall as an example of trying to fit cycling in after the main decisions taken – example1 [p5];  example2.

1703 Braid Road, safety proposals  Council consultation website  Consultation summary  Spokes response [pdf]

1612 Sheriffhall Roundabout  Government consultation on options    Consultation leaflet [pdf 7.5MB]    Spokes response.    Sustrans response comparing the 3 options.