June 2021

Tramline extension to Leith & Newhaven

  • For documents relating to the original tram project, airport to York Place, see this page.
  • See also Leith page.  This includes the Leith LTN and route FoTW-OT.
  • See also Leith Walk and City Centre pages.  The Leith Walk page includes material from plans at the time of the Leith Project.

2105 Leith Walk temporary bidirectional bike route during construction – proposed closure till autumn  Spokes paper objecting.   People with no real alternative  pic1 pic2 [MMcD]

2010 Tramstop “prior approval” planning applications

2007 ‘Indicative Final Landscape Designs‘  Drawings giving a fairly thorough overall understanding of the entire route, though a lot of detail still awaited.   Download drawings here.

1809 Tram Extension second consultation [following the changes resulting from the initial 1803 consultation below]  Consultation page  Spokes response [pdf]  Our response uses the online survey questions, which were very limited, concerning only the abovementioned changes.  In particular the questions had little detail between Foot of Walk and Newhaven – our comments on that remain largely as in our 1804 response below and are not repeated in this response.

1809 Leith Walk during tramworks  Consultation on support for local businesses [link].  Consultation questions (council web page disappeared? but we saved the questions).  Spokes response [pdf].

1803-04 Tram Extension first detailed consultation

NB – these original plans were absolutely disastrous for Leith Walk, car lanes increased from 2 to 4, cyclists to be squeezed between parked vehicles and tramlines.  The public response was massive – see below.  As a result, the plans were drastically revised, [Spokes tweet, council news release] car lanes reduced and segregated unidirectional bike lanes promised on each side.  The details (so far) only became fully public when the revised scheme was then consulted on – see para 1809 above.