May 2024

Planning Proposal consultations

  • This is a trial page to list opportunities to comment on planning proposals
  • Only a very few will be listed, and for reasons of time this will often be only where info is quick to obtain and copy in
  • If you have comments on a proposal, please submit them direct to the consultation and if possible copy to our planning group, email
  • Major proposals now have to initially submit a PAN, a Proposal of Application Notice. This enables the public to comment to the developer in advance of the full planning application. Developers must then take account of the response when submitting their full planning application. Most entries on this page will probably be PANs
  • A PAN application on the council planning portal is merely seeking permission to consult the public. The actual proposal details normally then appear only on the developer’s site and only when their public consultation begins.
  • When a full planning application is submitted, details are then on the Council Planning Portal
  • The dates below [e.g. 2109 is Sept 2021] are the month in which we hear of the proposal, as we often don’t have exact start or closing dates. To find consultation closing dates, see the links or email addresses given.
  • To find out more about any application below, enter its reference number (usual format 00/00000/PAN) at the Council Planning Portal. More info here. If it is a PAN, please also read the notes above.

2207 22/03291/PPP Cleikiminrig Big residential development at former coal bing between the Wisp and Fort Retail Park. Severe need for better cycleroute connections. Deadline 22 July. Email Follows on from para 2201 below, 22/00112/PAN, East of The Wisp Spokes response

2206 22/03205/PAN North Ratho Huge site, effectively an extension to the village, bounded by Freelands Rd to south, Baird Rd to W, M8 to N; east to just beyond the junc Freelands Rd/Freelands Way. Greenfield land. Contact: 0131 370 3486. Closing date for comments 22 July.

2206 22/02855/PAN Harbour 31 Huge site, for mixed uses, bounded by Ocean Drive and Edinburgh Dock. The site could provide a valuable east-west cycle route to connect north Leith with Seafield Promenade, avoiding Salamander Street. Contact: 07841 487916. Closing date for comments 21 July.

2204 22/01625/PAN, and 22/01626/PAN (for Phase 1) ‘West Town Edinburgh‘ massive site bounded by A8 to south, Gogar Burn and ECML to north and east, Eastfield Rd to west; 205 acres; 7000 homes; £2bn project. Online consultation in May Contact:

2201 22/00112/PAN East of The Wisp huge res dev, landscaping, vehicle route, AT route etc; located between The Wisp and Ft. Kinnaird; [website not yet operational at 19.1.22]  Online exhibn, 9 Feb., 3-7pm Contact:

2201 22/00096/PAN Ocean Drive res dev, access etc; opposite O. Terminal, SE of roundabout –; Consultation 10 Feb online 3-7pm Info:

2112 21/06302/PAN Gilmerton Station Rd res dev, access, landscaping. (Miller Homes); west end of Gilmerton Stn Rd, bounded by Lasswade Rd. Online event, 27 Jan., website & details tbc. Contact

2111 21/06125/PAN Cameron Toll shopping centre redevelopment, to include residential, hotel, ped/cycle routes;   LibertyOne communications, or Montagu Evans, email or Consultation online until 31 Jan & in Centre until 14 Jan. Plans Feedback form

2111 21/05960/PAN Granton Phase 4, N of Waterfront Ave, large ‘boomerang’ around Saltire Sq, with access corridor n’wards to West Shore Rd. Online event, 15 Dec., 3-7pm, no ref given. NB the 4 phases of the Council’s Granton development are mapped in a report to Policy & Sustainability Committee 5.10.21, pages 60-64.

2111 21/05023/PAN mixed use development comprising mixed residential housing, private and affordable dwellings, retirement living apartments, care home, community hub including retail/village hall/library and tourism lodges. | Land 60 Metres South Of 69 Baird Road Ratho, Newbridge. Huge area, bounded by the canal to south, Baird Rd to east, M8 to north, and EICA to west. Online exhibition December, including provisional interactive 4-8pm Dec 1st. Comments open till 31 December. Yeoman McAllister Architects, Email

2111 21/05661/PAN mixed-use – hotel, office, cafe; active travel links, cycle and car parking; at Elgin House, 20 Haymarket Yards. Site is bounded by Haymarket Yards to south and east; by existing buildings to north and west. Website address tbc, dates 23 Nov – 14 Dec. Interactive online, 1st Dec., time tbc. Scott Hobbs Planning Ltd, email

2110 21/04687/PAN res dev and offices, 10 Orchard Brae (former Finance House), end of Learmonth Cres., just S of Flora Stevenson PS.  Includes ”AT routes”, which could be a link from dead-end L’month Cres. to Orchard Brae. Online exhibition at Ends 26 Oct. Chat session 13 Oct., 4-8pm.

2109 21/04798/PAN residential, offices, retail, financial etc, 2 S. Gyle Cres (former Tesco Bank) (replaces 21/04421/PAN). Online exhib’n, 14 Oct., 3-7pm. Details will be at

2109 21/04830/PAN New Market Rd. Huge site (ex Corn Exchange) “car-free scheme” housing for rent, stdt accomm., pub realm etc, , bounded by New Mart Rd as well as by New Market Rd (and indeed referred to in the docs as ‘New Mart Rd’). Online exhib’n incl. live i/active event Oct Queries: detailed press article

2109 Ocean terminal/ Waterfront major redevelopment closes 8 October

2109 21/04608/PAN 29 Beaverhall Rd (? former B&Q site) re-dev’t for res dev, cultural/arts space, big site, bound by B’hall Rd and Dunedin St Interactive event 28 Sept., 3-7pm