July 2024

Press letters

This page may include relevant press letters by Spokes or by anyone…

[NB – when reading any press letter please remember – the headline is chosen by the letters editor, not the writer; and the letter as submitted is often edited, sometimes substantially, by the letters editor – usually quite well, but some of the intended meaning or emphasis can be lost or changed].

170211 The Herald  Scottish Budget & city congestion – printed letter   original letter

161014 The Herald  Pedestrian/cycle issues response and original letter   Full version of response [not all was printed]

160407 The Herald  Bike/Rail cutbacks: It is within Transport Scotland’s powers to resolve train cycle problems  Full text of letter [pdf]

151211 The Herald  Forth Bridge Closure – was the impact on bridge integrity, and on CO2 and toxic emissions, assessed before deciding whether to scrap tolls?  If you don’t subscribe, here is the full letter (as submitted) [pdf]

141104 The Herald  Scottish government priorities on road expansion, repairs, cycling infra, potholes.   If you don’t subscribe, here is the full letter (as submitted) [pdf 77k]

130724 The Herald Scottish Government has much to do if Cyclists are to be Safe.  The letter was slightly edited.  See the full version here [rtf 16k].

131022 The Herald Time to Tackle Real Cycling Safety Issues. The letter was slightly edited.  See the full version here [pdf 80k].

121123 Local Transport Today Edinburgh Council’s Cycling Budget, a standard for other councils.  This link will not allow you to read the full letter without a subscription, so download it here [txt 2k].

120412 Edinburgh Evening News Peddling a change in Capital’s culture [link] Feature article on cycling in Edinburgh, past and future, in context of the May 2012 council elections.

111230 The Herald Dave du Feu Misleading govt statements on active travel funding [rtf 9k]

111115 The Herald Dave du Feu SNP manifesto and the draft budget 2012-13 [pdf 64k]