December 2020

Spokes History

40th anniversary [2017]

30th anniversary [2007]

Bulletin 98 – see centre page feature

Spokesworker 22.10.07 – contains a few additional historic photos

Poster “30 Years of Toil and Triumph” [pdf]  – includes interesting panel on campaigning lessons and tactics

10th anniversary [1987]

Bulletin 33  – centre page anniversary feature

Other Spokes history sources

See our Spokes Bulletins page.  All issues are online from issue 89 onwards (2004), and few earlier issues.  However there is also a full set of page 1’s covering issues 1-100.

See also our Spokes Maps, History section.  This includes comprehensive articles describing the history of the Edinburgh and the Lothians Spokes maps.

Year-by-year description 1991-2001 [doc] largely extracted from Bulletins

Ancient graphics

Probably the first ever Spokes badge [Spokes was based at Ainslie Place for max 2 or 3 years from our origins in 1977]

Early Spokes cartoons, mainly by Jerry Neville

Early Spokes badges, adapted from JN cartoons by DdF, using ‘Letraset’

Ancient pictures

[Ross Hendry] Spokes events/rides 1985-86  Includes political rallies, lock-smashing contest, cycling games…
[Ross Hendry] Spokes Weekend rallies & rides, 1985-1992  Mainly social events

Old website

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