May 2017

Spokes Bulletin 128 … Edinburgh 10% cycle budget safe

Our Summer 2017 Bulletin is out highlighting the Edinburgh Council election result which should guarantee the city’s UK-unique cycle budget policy … our traffic counts showing a 10-year car decline & bike growth in the city centre peak period … Spokes is 40 this autumn!! … and, of course, there’s much more … read on!! …

Click for this and other Bulletin pdf’s

Spokes Bulletin 128 is on its way to Spokes members, to 1200 decision-makers across Scotland* and to a further 10,000 other interested individuals through bike shops, libraries and so on throughout Edinburgh, Lothian and beyond.
*including all 129 Scottish MSPs, all 132 Edinburgh+Lothians councillors, transport consultants, health officials, etc, etc

You can also download a pdf of Bulletin 128 on our Spokes Bulletin page.  Articles & pictures in B128 include [with links for more info] …

Everyone joining Spokes in the next few weeks will be posted the above inserts along with the new Bulletin

Having more members helps us – and we hope to help you in return by keeping you in touch with what’s happening and what you can do about it!  You’ll get a roughly-monthly email in addition to the thrice-yearly Bulletin.

We have spares of the new Bulletin for bike leafletting at workplaces, shops etc – let us know if you could use a supply.    Many Spokes members take a regular supply of each issue for their local workplace, shops or other useful destinations.

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