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Council links

Edinburgh Council

May 2014 – Edinburgh has completely changed its website.   Many of the web links in the main section below no longer work, and much information seems completely lost.

Home page – www.edinburgh.gov.uk

Councillors – find/contact your councillors (you have 3 or 4).  If it’s something you feel strongly about, ask to meet them rather than just emailing.  You can also find your councillors using the Council Atlas (below).

Council Facilities maps – an excellent collection of online interactive maps showing a huge range of council facilities/ opportunities, transport, political, education, etc, etc.

For most purposes, including cycle facilities and ward boundaries, use the Council Atlas, as follows…

  • Click the Layer List icon in top right. To get more boxes click the right-pointing arrow so that it becomes down-pointing.  Cycle facilities come under Transport, and electoral boundaries such as Council Wards come under Admin Boundaries.
  • Now tick the box(es) of interest to you.  The features should now appear.  Under transportcycle facilities, you can select cycle parking, quiet routes, and/or National Cycle Network.
  • To get a key to the features, click the down-arrow beside the box – or click the Legend logo at top right.
  • You can also click on the features shown in the map.  For example, selecting the Council wards box and then clicking on a ward in the map gives you a More info option, which then shows the councillors for that ward.

Winter gritting [for background see this 2013 news item]council gritting home page – prioritisation system – interactive gritting map*
*Gritting map – note that offroad cycleroutes on the map use the ‘pavements’ code [purple colour indicates priority 1 pavements and cycleroutes].  Also note that the priority cycleroutes are more extensive than the generalised wording in the ‘prioritisation system’ page suggests.

‘Report It’ page – report almost anything which has gone wrong – potholes, overhanging vegetation, dogs, street lights, …

Parking standards for new developments  See table on page 61 of Edinburgh Design Guidance.  Note that the old 2009 standards are now superseded.

Edinburgh Council links still to be checked/updated
Council papers online since May 2003 [CPOL] – committee reports, minutes, etc
Search council papers for any word or phrase
Traffic Orders – explanation and current orders
Edinburgh Council cycling web pages
Edinburgh Council transport web pages
Local Transport Strategy 2007-2012
Planning policies [includes site briefs, area briefs, planning guidelines, streetscape policies, parking policy, and many more]
Consultations – Planning – current and past
Consultations – all council consultations [in theory!]
The workings of the council [links to everything relevant]
Sustainable development
Neighbourhood Partnerships and map of NPs [12 for the whole city]
Community Councils and map/search for your CC [46 for the whole city]
Planning Applications – click at left for weekly list or search for individual application
TellMeScotland – map and auto-notify for traffic orders, planning applications,… (not complete)
Reporting and requesting things…
Clarence – reporting defects in road, paths, lights etc
Road/paths maintenance satisfaction survey – but use Clarence to report defects
Community Safety Teams – report anti-social behaviour e.g. on paths
Assorted other – including planning breaches, noise, …
Assorted more – including Freedom of Information request, …

East Lothian Council

Home page – www.eastlothian.gov.uk
Cycling [and other things]
Transport policy and contacts
East Lothian Cycle Forum [This ELCF is a yahoo discussion group.  The council also has a regular liaison meeting called ELCF – all welcome – details are posted to this yahoo group].

Midlothian Council

Home page – www.midlothian.gov.uk
Transport [see left and right columns for links]
Transport policy documents
Offroad paths
Cafes, attractions, bike shops, etc

West Lothian Council

Home page – www.westlothian.gov.uk
Transport policy documents
Cycling page
Road and footway maintenance
West Lothian Local Plan [+ other plans.  LP is downloadable at bottom of page]
Council and Committee papers and agendas
Councillors – [see arrow beside ‘representatives’] – also local MPs, MSPs, etc

Parking standards in new developments [link to Word doc]

Cycle Maps

If you are looking for bike maps of any of the above areas, remember you can purchase the excellent Spokes maps of all 4 of the above Lothians councils.