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Current PAs & PANs

This page is intended to help you find and comment on current cycling-relevant planning applications [PAs] and PANs [explained below].

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To find applications for the other Lothians councils, go to the following links.  Most councils issue online weekly lists of new planning applications – you can check these for any cycling relevance.


For more information about what PAs and PANs are, and how to find out more, see our factsheet.  It is worth reading this at least once, to avoid possible confusions.

Roughly, a planning application is a developer or householder seeking permission for a development – and you comment/object to the council.  A PAN is a ‘proposal of application’ by a developer for a large scheme, where the developer is required by the Council to undertake a public consultation before submitting a planning application.  In this case there must be an exhibition by the developer (and a developer contact for more information) and you comment to the developer.   The PAN consultation outcome is then included when the developer subsequently submits their planning application.

If you wish to comment on an application – please do so on the council website.  We would appreciate a copy of any important comments that you make.  If you feel strongly about any application, please also contact your councillors – find them at

For more information about the planning application process see this useful document [pdf 141k] from Edinburgh Council and for this plus a wider range of planning issues see the Planning Aid Scotland information sheets.


The table below is intended to list current Edinburgh PAs/PANs which we believe relevant to cycling.  This should enable interested readers, as well as members of Spokes Planning Group, easily to look up plans, visit PAN exhibitions etc.

As far as possible we will update the table weekly to remove entries which are out of date, and to add new ones.  Please note however that Spokes is a voluntary organisation, and we may occasionally miss a week or an application.  If you think we have missed anything, please email

As explained in our factsheet above, to look up any Edinburgh application, go to…

… then look up the application or PAN details by entering the reference number (for example, 11/02543/PAN) from the table below.   Note that in order to comment you have to register and log in at the site (it is a fairly simple process).  Also – until you have logged in the site will say that you cannot submit comments at this time.

Finally if your comments relate to transport issues, it might also be worth copying them for info to transport.development[AT]  This goes to the transport official who comments to the planners on transport aspects of planning applications – though final decisions are up to the planners and then councillors.

Current Edinburgh PAs and PANs

Last date for submissions or for PAN exhibition

Description of Plan / PAN

Council Reference

Relevance to Cycling

Postcode / location details

Contact Officer first.last@

5/5/2016, PAN exhibition, 11-7pm, Heriot Watt Conference Centre

“Riccarton Mains Village” residential development and halls of residence.


Links to campus, possible road improvements and cycle storage.

Site east of Heriot Watt campus bounded by Donkey Lane to the north east,
railway to the south, Riccarton Mains Rd to the west up to the old road and the burn in the east.


Changes to residential development in Newhaven (original was 15/02317/AMC)


Cycle parking

Newhaven Place, at entrance to Western Harbour. Two sites, one on each side of Sandpiper Drive

11/5/2016, PAN exhibition from 3-7pm, White House cafe, 70 Niddrie Mains Rd EH16 4BG.

Fast food drive through


Site is very close to the existing abutments and potential cycle/pedestrian bridge over the railway line

In the south east part of the car park of the Range, south of Milton Road to the west of Brunstane station.


New Aldi supermarket on brownfield land near the Shore, Leith.


Cycle parking and links to existing paths

10-20 Dock St, EH6 6EY. Site bounded by Dock St, Commercial St, and Sandport Pl.


Mixed use development including housing, businesses and primary school in South Queensferry,

16/01797/PPP and 16/01798/PPP

Accessibility and cycle parking/storage

Builyeon Rd S Queensferry.

16/5/2016, PAN exhibition,11-7 pm at Ratho Library; then at Ratho Community Centre from 7:15 PM

Residential development of 65 units at Ratho.


Measures to encourage cycling and other forms of sustainable travel

On the site of the old cement works, off Baird Rd, south of the
M8 and west of Baird Rd.

24/5/2016, PAN exhibition at St Bride’s Centre, Orwell

Place, 3-7pm

New Roseburn to Canal cycle route. Exhib’n


Major benefits from new route with on and off-road elements

16/6/2016, PAN exhibition at Edinburgh International Conference Centre, 4-8pm.

Mixed use development


Impact on roads and potential for improvements for cyclists.

Large site bounded by Canning St, Dewar Pl, Western Approach Road; includes the electricity sub-station.

Date of PAN exhibition yet to be determined

Residential development of 150-200 houses to be a , “sustainable urban extension to Ratho” despite being on greenfield land.


Links to canal path and other measures to encourage cycling and other forms of sustainable travel

Freelands Rd Ratho. Bounded by
Freelands Rd to south, Baird Rd to west, M8 to north. .

Date to be set for mid June PAN exhibition

Residential development off Ratho Pk Rd (This site has been applied for before .


Implications for canal towpath

Site south of canal, extends from

existing housing to Golf Course; bounded by track on south side, canal on

north; but includes part of canal, plus the towpath.