May 2024

20mph & lower speeds

This page covers both Edinburgh and national (Scotland) developments on lower speeds, including 20mph initiatives


2211 The Value of Prevention, casualty reductions switching from 30mph to 20mph in Wales – Napier Uni, Transport Research Institute, Technical paper 101, Nov 2022

2211 Edinburgh rural roads, speed reductions to 20/30/40/50mph  Consultation page / Proposals map / Spokes response

2211 Edinburgh 30mph->20mph (see also 2010 & 1502) Converting many remaining city roads to 20mph / Consultation page / Proposals map / 3-year evaluation of main 20mph rollout / Council 20mph website / Spokes response

2111 Edinburgh 40mph->30mph   TRO/20/20  Public advertisement stage (see 2009 for stakeholder stage) /  Statement of reasons / Draft Order / Public Advert / Spokes response / [2201] Council approves the proposals

2010 Edinburgh converting 30mph->20mphTRO/20/07 – adds further 20mph to the existing city-wide scheme (1502 below)  List & statement of reasons  No Spokes response

2009 Edinburgh to convert many 40mph roads to 30mphTRO/20/20 stakeholder consultation  Statement of Reasons   No Spokes response

1901 and 1709 Consultations on Mark Ruskell MSP’s 20mph bill proposal – for consultation documents and Spokes responses to these two consultations see paras 1901 and 1709 on our National submissions page.

1706 Spokes public meeting on Road Danger – speakers include Mark Ruskell MSP on his 20mph bill proposal.

1505 GoBike Strathclyde cycle campaign petitions Glasgow City Council to follow the Edinburgh’s 20mph citywide example.  Enthusiastic Committee response and GCC agrees to investigate.

1504 Transport Minister Derek Mackay MSP promises tomake it as easy as possible for other councils to follow (Edinburgh’s example).”   Though not clear what this means in practical terms.

1502 Final 20mph plan goes to CEC Transport Committee, facing big press opposition  but  the report  is approved.  Next stage will be a TRO (traffic regulation order) to enable work to go ahead.

1409 City-wide 20mph plan – consultation   CEC 20mph factsheet   CEC 20mph FAQs

1401 Local Transport Strategy 2014-19 promises city-wide 20mph for residential and shopping areas, as nowadays is increasingly commonplace, but also for main roads with significant pedestrian and/or cyclist usage.

1308 Report on successful South Edinburgh pilot

1108 20mph pilot approved but with disappointments

1011 Consultation on South Edinburgh pilot area-wide 20mph zone