October 2020
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West Edinburgh

Submissions to major consultations/projects relevant to cycling in West Edinburgh

  • It is difficult to classify some projects e.g. are they North, East or West??  Check out other areas on this page.  In particular, there are separate pages for the canal and the A90/Forth Bridge
  • CCWEL – City Centre West-East route – see City Centre page
  • Roseburn to Canal project – see North Edinburgh page
  • For our submissions on more general Edinburgh policy issues see this page.

2003 Water of Leith Management Plan 2020-2030  Consultation  Spokes response

2003 Gyle Centre extension [Planning application 19/02604/FUL]   Spokes submission to revised application.    [1907] Orginal plans    Spokes submission to original plans    Note: we don’t usually put planning apps on the website, but this was a major proposal and appalling for walk/cycle.

1905 Queensferry High St & Waterfront [no website or online info?]  Evening News article  Spokes response [pdf]

1905 West Edinburgh Link [formerly called WEATN, 1712 below]  Public consultation on initial concepts   Spokes response   [1907] Consultation report

1904 West Edinburgh & the City/Region Deal

  • The Deal proposes spending £20m (+ £20m match funding from the Council) on West Edinburgh transport projects, to be selected from WETA (1612 below).  We hope to maximise the proportion that goes to bike/walk.
  • 190401 Letter to Dr Vickers, chair of the Transport Appraisal Board, which decides how the Deal’s transport cash is used, asking for a meeting.   Useful reply from Dr Vickers [the meeting she refers to was re Sheriffhall – see South Edinburgh page].

1712 WEATN – Council briefing sheet.

1706 QR8 Stenhouse Drive to Saughton Park/Pansy Walkconsultation summary  consultation website  Spokes submission

1703 QR50 Davidsons Mains Park pathconsultation summaryconsultation website  Spokes submission

1702 QR8 Roseburn Park second consultation –  Revised consultation – leaflet  Consultation website  Spokes submission [virtually identical to our response in 1611 below]

1612 02 West Edinburgh Transport Appraisal [link to 7MB report] Assessment of transport options (including cycling).

1611 QR8 Balgreen Road crossing consultationconsultation summaryconsultation websiteSpokes submission

1611 QR8 Roseburn Park consultationconsultation summaryconsultation websiteSpokes submission.  [1701] Revised consultation – leaflet [use consultn website link above to respond].

1611 QR8 Bankhead/ South Gyle Access consultationconsultation summaryconsultation website (with detailed plans) –  Spokes submission.

1610  Cycling consultationscircular [pdf] to members in north, west and east Edinburgh about a wide range of consultations

1604 Dalmeny-Kirkliston-Newbridge [for A8] pathVolunteer work to mend drainage.

1601 East-West route Roseburn-GeorgeSt-Leith.  See City Centre.

1512 A8 path upgrade consultation  Project webpage. Project description [pdf]. Overview drawing [pdf 2.8MB].  Spokes submission [pdf].  Submission by Henry Whaley, member of RBS Gogarburn Bicycle User Group.

1511 Milburn Tower – huge residential planning proposal, off Gogar Station Road.  See our Individual Planning Proposals page

1312 Meadowplace Road  Project including new cycle lanes Council letter [pdf 174k] Council drawings [pdf 1.9MB].  Plans include costly digging-up road surface to install chippings – money could be used instead to improve cycle connections  Spokes response [doc 35k].  A subsequent Sustrans submission [325k] – some very good onroad ideas, but no discussion of what happens at each end.