May 2024

Advice / Factsheets

Need some help? Had a crash? Want to know about Bike Security? The factsheets and other documents in the pages below should help you.

DATE FORMATS – Most of the entries on the pages below are in reverse date order.   Year and month are shown by YYMM – e.g. 1806 means June 2018.

Crashes (sometimes called ‘accidents’)

Security (theft etc)

Considerate cycling  [printed copies available of our leaflet On Shared Paths…]

Road policing

Legal cycling questions (e.g. alcohol)

Bike storage in flats and tenements  [printed copies available of our factsheet How to Be a Cycling Flat-Dweller]

Bike storage in gardens

Bike storage residential – general, including onstreet secure ‘bike hangars’

Bike storage at home – competition results and factsheet (2023 paragraph)

Bike parking [public]

Everyday cycling with and for kids [very young or older]

Lobbying councils – advice notes

Helmets  [printed copies available of our advice leaflet, Safety Warning!]

Cycle lane obstructions

Workplace cycling  [printed copies available of our Workplace Cycling factsheet]

Supermarket bike parking  [printed copies available of our advice leaflet, Why Improve Bike Parking and Access?]

E-bikes  [printed copies available of our Why e-bike? factsheet]

CargoBikes  [including Spokes grants]

Be Bike Alert [See para 2016]  Advice to motorists  [printed copies available of our Be Bike Alert leaflet]

Cycling Inspiration – Why Cycle?   Stories from people inspired to start cycling or cycling more

Bike riding and basic maintenance plus some other links

Shopping by Bike – competition results and factsheet (2022 paragraph)

Advice Links – for other advice topics, see our links tab which includes links to websites giving useful advice.