October 2016
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Complaints to Lothian Buses:  email to  mail@lothianbuses.com.   Note that most (all?) Lothian buses have cameras recording what happens outside the bus as well as inside – but the recordings are only kept for a limited period (7 days???) so send your complaint promptly.


1504 Bromptons by Bus  Many bus companies [including Lothian & First – see 1002 below] officially only take folders if in a bag [& we have heard of occasional no-bag refusals].  Bus/bike expert Dave Holladay recommends an IKEA DIMPA bag, which, he says, also scrunches down to store when not in use.

1503 Glasgow Bus Lanes 7-7-7 decision – all bus lane times to be rationalised to 7am-7pm, 7 days a week.  Submission by Glasgow campaign group Go-Bike [pdf 209k].  Glasgow Committee report [pdf 128k]

1205 Lothian Buses cycling-awareness trainingreport by STV Local

1203 Cyclist / bus training video … great initiative by Lothian Buses – also well worth watching by anyone using a bike.

1106 Cyclists & Lothian Buses audio documentary … see Spokes news item 17.6.11.  The audio piece was created and donated to Spokes by sound artist Emma Quayle of Audio Spring.

1101 Lothian Bus drivers complimented on awareness of cyclist tramline dangers … see Spokes news item 7.1.11.

1002 Conditions of Carriage … confirming that folded bikes can now be carried on Lothian Buses, as promised by MD Ian Craig at our public meeting.  Also the slightly more complex conditions for First buses, who run most of the services in the Lothians – although we think that in practice this means that most folding bikes can be carried (and other bikes can’t).

Click on the link for the full conditions, or see the relevant extract below the link…

Lothian Buses conditions of carriage (Sep 2009)

[Luggage – Section 8c]  The following may NOT be carried… “bicycles other than folding bicycles which are folded and fully enclosed in a suitable carrying bag

First Bus conditions of travel (Sep 2009)

[Luggage – Section 8.4B]  The following may NOT be carried… “bicycles, unless these fold to dimensions small enough to be accommodated in the luggage rack or the bus has a boot or side lockers and space available.

0809 Lothian Buses – bus/bike posters … Following discussions with Spokes in 2008 [see Bulletin 102 page 5] Lothian Buses new Managing Director Ian Craig took various initiatives, including producing this excellent series of driver-education posters.

Bike Poster 1:

Allow a car's width.
Allow a car’s width.

Bike Poster 2:

Avoid playing Leapfrog
Avoid playing Leapfrog

Bike Poster 3:

Look out for Cyclists
Look out for Cyclists

Bike Poster 4:

Respond to Road Markings Safely
Respond to Road Markings Safely