May 2024


  • It is difficult to classify some projects e.g. are they North Ed, East Ed or Leith??  Check out other areas on this page. Also specifically Leith Walk area
  • Tramline extension to Leith & Newhaven
  • For 2020 Covid/SfP-related schemes, see covid page
  • For Spokes submissions on more general Edinburgh policy issues see this page

2404 Leith Connections Phase 2 (the LTN), ETRO/23/20 (see also 2205 below) Experimental Order to experiment, consult and finalise the Leith LTN measures (includes bus lanes, motor vehicle prohibitions, 1-ways, cyclist exemptions, etc) / Project page / ETRO-23-20 / Statement of Reasons / Plans 1 2 / Spokes response /

2211 Leith Connections Phase 1A, Foot of Walk to Dock Street Orders advertised for objection/comment / Spokes response /

2206 Leith Links Masterplan consultation / Spokes response

2206 Leith Connections, Phase 3, Hawthornvale path to Seafield

2205 Leith Connections overviewmap showing all phases: 1,2,3 / Leith Connections main page

2203 FotW-DockPlace cycleroute (part of Leith Connections) TRO/21/22 – stakeholder consultation Spokes response

2108 Leith ConnectionsCommittee report 19.8.21 postponing all till tram completion. Spokes deputation seeks FoW-OT route urgency. Green amendment to bring forward route construction, agreed by Committee [see 7.4 Green amendment]

2106 Leith Connections – Second consultation on Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) (unlike 2102 this does not consult further on the FotW to OT route) Consultation page Door-to-door leaflet Spokes response

2102 Leith Connections – Initial consultation on segregated route Foot of Walk to Ocean Terminal and a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Consultation page Consultation leaflet

2101 FotW-OT cycleroute Early ‘concept design’ drawings