December 2021

West Lothian

Selected news/ submissions from Spokes in West Lothian

2110 M9 A9 B8020 Winchburgh Junction [see 2010 for our objection]  Scot Govt dismisses all objections (without even holding a public inquiry)

2103 [see also 2006] WLC covid SfP schemesSpokes feedback to council   WL Council SfP report, 16.3.21

2010 M9 A9 B8020 Winchburgh Junction – a Transport Scotland trunk road scheme  Orders for objection  Project background  Spokes objection

2006 Council Active Travel projects for 2020/21 – includes Spaces for People covid19 projects as Appendix 2

1512 Spokes submission [pdf] on West Lothian Council draft Active Travel Plan [link to pdf 7.5MB]. Sustrans submission.    Council report authorising consultation, 26.10.15 [pdf].

1508 Circular to West Lothian members [pdf 132k]

1410 West Lothian Local Development Planconsultation on Main Issues Report, MIR.  Spokes response [pdf 206k] Responses from Linlithgow Cycle Action Group [doc 38k], Transition Linlithgow [pdf 124k].

1405 West Lothian Sustrans bids [1402 below] very successful [Sustrans letter pdf 68k] – 2nd highest in Scotland.  Featured in Spokes Bulletin 119.  Council report on use & matching of the funding [pdf 127k].  The funding is being used to progress the Council’s CWSS and ASTII programmes – see appendices 1 and 2 in above report.  Last year’s reports are here… CWSS [pdf 102k] and ASTII [pdf 103k].

1403 Circular to West Lothian members [pdf 124k] : various local development proposals : A904 Bo’ness-Grangemouth

1402 West Lothian Council funding applications to Sustrans.   Spokes letter of support [pdf 138k] NB – we had very little time to respond, so were unable to consult members.

1402 Circular to West Lothian members [pdf 125k] : website pages about access to public sites : new Beecraigs path : B800 cyclist death : more..

1304 Linlithgow Town Map [pdf 945k] produced by Tim Smith in conjunction with Transition Linlithgow, for use on our Linlithgow Station poster [see our Rail page].

1212 Circular to West Lothian members [rtf 33k] : Linlithgow canal project : new bike shop : Cycle projects 2012/13 : Linlithgow Development Trust : more…

1211 Linlithgow Canal Project proposal [rtf 50k] from Linlithgow Cycle Action Group, supported by Spokes.  Submitted via Cllr Tom Conn, Linlithgow ward and WLC Environment Committee Convener.

1208 Spokes West Lothian + Livingston cycle map Brilliant new map including best ever cycling map of Livingston

1112 WLC Residential Development Guide  [draft council guide for developers] Spokes West Lothian response [pdf 125k]  CTC/Spokes Planning Group response [doc 47k]  WLC draft residential guide [pdf 743k].

1111 Bathgate-Airdrie Rail Reopening – Spokes notes on poor cycle access to stations –  plus comments on NCN75

1108 Draft WL town maps by West Lothian Council [pdf 1.6MB].  Please send any comments/ corrections/ omissions asap to   tel 01506 282329.   NB – Spokes is to publish a Livingston map on the reverse of the next edition Spokes West Lothian map.

1104 Circular to WL members [txt 5k] re plans for new Spokes map; major Whitecross development, and big success on CWSS WL funding campaign.

1008 Circular to WL members [txt 12k] including assorted Linlithgow and Livingston news and three major Broxburn/Winchburgh development proposals.   For locations of these developments, see Map 2 of West Lothian Local Plan [Note: the Local Plan and its downloads, including maps and a key to the maps, are near the foot of that page].   The 3 current development proposals are marked on the map as areas CW = Candleworks site;  WW=Westwood;  GS=Glendevon South.

1006 Civic Centre Bike Week 2010 – report [doc 1073k] organised by Spokes member Ross Hendry

0909 Linlithgow Station Spokes/ScotRail bike info board – see 0909 item in downloads – public transport – rail