December 2021

Bike Storage (mainly residential)

NB – For temporary on-street bike parking, e.g. when shopping or visiting, see our bike parking page.

Difficulty in storing a bike at home can be a serious deterrent to bike use and therefore makes it harder for Councils to achieve targets for increased bike usage.  This can apply to a wide range of accommodation types, including flats, tenements and terraced houses without easy access to a back garden.

There are many aspects to this problem, some of which are covered on other pages and in our factsheets…

  • Research – evidence that tenement bike storage problems in Edinburgh are resulting in reduced bike use – see the paper by Dr Tim Ryley [item 0809 on our ‘local research’ page].
  • Bike storage in front gardens – problems with planning permission – see our draft factsheet and local developments
  • Bike storage in flats and tenements – see our factsheet and other materials
  • Making your bike shed secure – see Security page [entry 1403]
  • Bike storage while you are at work – see this page
  • Onstreet secure bike storage –  Councils could make a huge difference by providing secure [covered and lockable] onstreet bike storage.  Although this will often mean removal of car parking spaces, removal of one car space can provide bike storage for 6 or more bikes.  Edinburgh City Council is working on this [but slowly] – see below for developments.  There is a strong equity argument that if the majority of residents of a tenement wish one car space outside their block replaced by multiple bike spaces, the council should make this change, rather than providing only for the minority of residents who wish all spaces to be for cars.  If necessary, raise this with your councillors.

Edinburgh Council Onstreet Secure Bike Storage

Edinburgh’s pilot scheme is most welcome but taking a very long time indeed, as this timeline shows.  Meanwhile things are moving much faster in some London councils – see section below.

2004 TRO/20/10 – Secure Cycle Parking  Draft Traffic Regulation Order to allow those hangers that will be onstreet (i.e. all or nearly all of them).  We think this is a first phase, for 50 or so streets.  Plans & locations The TRO itself

1810 Delayed rollout now going ahead on increased scale.  Report to 4.10.18 Transport Committee.  NB report was approved with added decisions – see item 9 of minutes.

1611 Edinburgh to roll out on-street bike storageReport of 1.11.16 Transport Cttee decision

1606 Delay & uncertainty re rollout of onstreet storage – see page 2 of Spokesworker 12.6.16

1512 Pilot scheme summary & future plansCouncil presentation to South Central Neighbourhood Partnership

1410 Edinburgh pilot scheme at last fully in place!  One user’s experience [with photos].

1405 Edinburgh Pilot Scheme, progress report [pdf 291k] with pictures of the trial onstreet storage containers

1405  Hackney Borough example Part of the delay in Edinburgh has been the need for Traffic Regulation Orders to legally convert onstreet space to bike parking.  London had similar problems but several Boroughs seem now to have speeded things up considerably.

1402  Traffic Regulation Order TRO/13/31 [pdf 21k] and Location maps [pdf 299k] Final versions, now out for public objections.   OnStreet bike storage soon – Evening News

1312 Draft Traffic Regulation Order TRO/13/31  [pdf 21k] and Location maps [pdf 299k] for pilot storage scheme.  Installation now expected in April.

1308 Traffic Regulation Orders for the 6 pilot locations expected to be published, with the hope of actual installing by the end of the year – although objections to the TROs could delay this further

1203 Edinburgh Council chooses 6 applicants for the pilot storage project.   Next stage is to agree with the applicants the type of storage, then to promote the necessary Traffic Regulation Orders where the storage is onstreet.

1110 Edinburgh Council seeks applicants for pilot onstreet storage project

1009 Council Active Travel Action Plan approved – includes commitment to trial onstreet bike storage

Onstreet Secure Bike Storage – examples elsewhere

1701 London website  Great website, CycleHoop working with various London Boroughs, so individuals can locate and book spaces online, and can suggest new locations.

1307 Lambeth Council has installed 27 ‘Bike Hangers’ onstreet in residential areas  – each lockableLambeth Bike Hanger and holding up to 6 bikes, a total of 162 spaces so far – more are planned.  Users pay £5 a month for a key to their nearest ‘hanger.’   “An innovative cycle parking programme that looks to use the carriageway for the purposes of secure or over-night cycle parking where people have no space for their bikes at home. To our knowledge this is a UK first. This program is targeted towards high density multi-occupancy terraced housing where there is very little available space outside of the carriageway.”  Further info on Lambeth’s wider approach to cycle parking.1403 Hackney BisSDSLIEAAt6pM

1403 Hackney too [tweet from Councillor @VincentStops]

1305 Westminster Council to convert some resident car parking bays to bike parking [Local Transport Today 17.5.13]