February 2017
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Resources Group

Resources group deals with membership, mailouts, stalls, materials, competitions, factsheets, public meetings, publicity initiatives, etc.   Notes of some Resources Group meetings will be posted here, but will not necessarily appear if a meeting, for example, mainly comprises label-sticking for the next mailout.

170215 Meeting note [pdf]

170207  Stalls meetingnotes of meeting [doc] … list of stall items [doc]

170202 Meeting note [pdf]

170112 Meeting note [pdf]

161201 Meeting note [pdf]

161102 Meeting note [pdf]

161004 Meeting note [pdf]

160927 Meeting note [pdf]

160825 Meeting note [pdf]

1607 Stall Helpers briefing sheet [doc]

160718 meeting note [pdf]

160518 Meeting note [pdf]

160426 Meeting note [pdf]

160405 Meeting note [pdf]

160315 Meeting note [pdf]

160224 Meeting note [pdf]

160203 Meeting note [pdf]

160113 Meeting note [pdf]

151216 Meeting note [pdf]

151125 Meeting note [pdf]

151104 Meeting note [pdf]

151014 Meeting note [pdf]

150813 Meeting note [pdf]

150709 Meeting note [pdf 160k]

150610 Meeting note [rtf 114k]

150520 Meeting note [rtf 114k]

150408 Meeting note [rtf 108k]

150218 Meeting note [rtf 86k]

141210 Meeting note [rtf 87k]

141112 Meeting note [rtf 77k]

141022 Meeting note [rtf 66k]

131106 Meeting note [rtf 52k]

121211 Meeting note [rtf 26k]

121115 Meeting note [rtf 18k]

121017 Meeting note [rtf 14k]

120927 Meeting note [rtf 20k]

120828 Note of meeting [txt 7k]

120724 Note of meeting [txt 7k]

120614 Note of meeting [txt 6K]

120417 Note of meeting [txt 6K]

111012 Note of meeting [txt 8k]

110817 Note of meeting [txt 4K]

Resources Group [txt 2k]