May 2016
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Local submissions

Submissions by Spokes to local councils or other local bodies

Note 1:  Only significant submissions are shown here; not the frequent letters/emails sent to the council on a wide range of local cycling-related issues.
Note 2:  Some other submissions are under Local Issues.  See that page for the topics covered.  Submissions which don’t fit those categories are on this page.  Generally speaking the Local Issues page covers submissions on specific locations and/or specifically related to cycling policy and Edinburgh Council’s Active Travel Action Plan.

1511 ‘Edinburgh Adapts’ consultation – how Edinburgh prepares for and responds to climate change.  Website – ScotlandWebsite – EdinburghDraft Vision for Edinburgh [doc].  Spokes comments on draft vision [pdf].

1510 CEC Parking Action Plan The draft plan [pdf 505k]. Council consultation web page.   Spokes response to the Parking Action Plan [pdf 227k].

1508 CEC Street Design Guidance This important document has now been approved by the Transport Committee (still to go to Planning Cttee).  For Spokes comments during the consultation, see 1406 below.  A sub-document of detailed cycling guidance will follow later (see 1409 below).

1505 CEC Bus Lanes ETROs – making bus lanes peak-only, and allowing motorbikes.  All documents are linked in news items:   Committee decision to go ahead  despite 150 objections.  Glasgow 7-7-7 bus lanes decisionETROs published.

1409 CEC Street Design Guidance – Cycling Environment subdocument Draft Cycling Environment document [pdf 443k]  Spokes response [pdf 104k]

1406 CEC Street Design Guidance Draft Street Guidance document [5.9MB] Council Street Design web page [link] Spokes response [1.1MB]

1404 CEC Bus Lane Survey/Review  Council letter [pdf 58k] Council survey form [xls 17k]  Spokes response [pdf 232k].

1401 CEC Local Transport Strategy Final version and Committee Report [pdf 1MB].  See also our news story. Report on consultation [pdf 415k] – see 1310 below for our submission to the consultation.

1312 Edinburgh Local Policing Plan 2014-17  Consultation details  Spokes response [pdf 188k].  See also our bike security page.

1310 Local Transport Strategy 2014-19 Consultation Draft Committee Report and Draft Strategy [pdf 3MB].  Spokes LTS response [223K].  Sustrans Scotland response [pdf 34k].

1305 Local Development Plan – Proposed Plan consultation  [see 1201 for previous stage]  Council consultation page and draft plan.  Unfortunately Sokes did not have time for a comprehensive response, but we commented on 3 issues..  Widespread 20mph Reduced onstreet parking  Supporting cycleroute reservations

1303 Local Transport Strategy – Issues for Review  Council consults on 10 ‘main issues’ [including speeds, parking, integration issues] to feature in new Local Transport Strategy.  Spokes response [pdf 74k].  Also Transform response [pdf 96k].   [1306] Council report on LTS consultation [pdf 44k].

1212 Edinburgh Council – Design GuidanceConsultation on the design of new developments – guidance mainly for developers.  Design Guidance – Spokes response [doc 44k] – covering routes, access, masterplans, bike parking & storage.

1210 Edinburgh Council – Colony Housing : Consultation on whether to becoming Conservation AreasCouncil document [pdf 2.6MB].  Spokes Colonies response [pdf 109k] requests no restrictions on garden bike storage.  Flower Colonies response [doc 33k].

1209 Edinburgh Council – Planning Guidance : The council is consulting on guidance for householders, conservation areas and businesses.  Spokes is concerned that existing rules prevent many householders having secure bike storage, despite council policies to raise cycle use.  Planning Guidance – Spokes Response [pdf 108k]

1201 Edinburgh Local Development PlanEdinburgh’s LDP will replace Edinburgh Local Plan – land use and development policy for future years, including many transport issues.  This is an early consultation on ‘Main Issues’.  Spokes LDP response [pdf 87k] Also: responses by CTC [pdf 297k]  Transform Scotland [pdf 116k]  Greener Leith [link]

1201 Edinburgh Southern Arc : Southern Arc Consultation – Spokes comments [doc 38k].  The Southern Arc ADF [area development framework] Covers Haymarket to Holyrood, Princes St Gardens to Meadows.

1112 SESPLAN consultationSpokes/CTC response to SE Scotland Strategic Development Plan [doc 94k].  Sesplan determines land allocations for housing, business, etc, 2012-2032 and has big transport implications.

1102  Development Management Decision-Making Processes Review joint Spokes/CTC comments [pdf 77k]

1012 CEC consultation on canal future : Consultation details [link].  Spokes response to canal consultation [pdf 40k]

1010 CEC Review of Prioritisation for Roads Renewal and Maintenance : Spokes response to stakeholder consultation [rtf 18k]

1008 SESplan Main Issues Report : The Sesplan Strategic Development Plan (SDP) will determine land allocations for housing, business, etc, 2012-2032.  Spokes response to SESplan main issues report [pdf 206k].

1006 Politicians’ Ride handout : Spokes organised a ride for politicians and senior officials on 17.6.10.  Our politicians’ ride briefing document [pdf 161k] describes the issues covered on the ride.   For ride pictures see June 27 news item, politicians’ ride.

0910 CEC Public Realm consultation : Response by Spokes to City Council consultation on Public Realm draft strategy – which downplays transport/ accessibility issues and totally omits cycling.  letter [pdf 130k]

0806 CEC City Design Exhibition omits cycling : Letter to Edinburgh’s new ‘Design Leader,’ Riccardo Marini.  Following ‘Streetscape,’ the new fashion for the Council is ‘Design,’ and cycling looks set to lose out just as badly – or worse.  The exhibition covers critical areas such as Lothian Rd, Haymarket, Waterfront – yet despite holding up cities like Copenhagen and Portland as exemplars, there is not a single mention of cycling! Letter to Riccardo Marini