October 2018
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2018 competitionMy Cycling Transformation [closes 2 September]. What has brought the biggest positive transformation in your cycling life in the last year or two?  See entry form for full details and rules.
Rules/Instructions/Entry form in various formats … Open Office  pdf  Word97

2017 competitionLow Cost Ideas to Boost Bike Use [closes 3 September]
Send us your low-cost idea for a council, employer or other body to make life nicer, safer, quicker or just better for getting about by bike.
Rules/Instructions/Entry form in various formats …  pdf  OpenOffice  Word97.
Full set of entries with prizewinners & runners-up at the start, and some notes on judging [pdf 7.2MB].
Website report on results and winnersTweet of report.

2016 competitionShopping by Bike [closes 5 September]
Tell us your ideas, experiences and/or handy hints for shopping by bike.
Rules/Instructions/Entry form in various formats … pdf  OpenOffice  Word97Full set of entries [pdf 7MB].  Report on results & winners.

2015 competitionMy Favourite Bike Ride [closes 6 September]
Tell us your favourite bike ride in Edinburgh and/or the Lothians and why you love it!
Rules/Instructions/Entry form in various formats [pdf 1037k] [Open Office odt 917k] [Word97 doc 894k].
Full resultsNews report.

2014 competitionMy Memorable Moment
Tell us your memorable moment with your bike – may be good or bad, but unforgettable!
Rules/Instructions/Entry form [pdf 811k] [Open Office odt 702k] [Word 97 doc 3.8MB]  All entries, with top 15 in order [pdf 4.5MB]   Competition report.

2013 competitionCycling with a Purpose
Send us a photo and caption on the above theme.
Rules/Instructions/Entry-form [pdf  813k] [Open Office odt 703k][Word 97 doc 1.9MB]
All entries, with prizewinners in order [pdf 5.8MB].   Competition report.

2012 competitionMy Favourite Place by Bike
Tell us your favourite location by or with bike in Edinburgh and/or the Lothians.
Report on competition results with prizewinners & prize donors [pdf 147k]
Entries in full [link]
Rules/Instructions & Entry form [pdf 636k] [Open Office – odt 200k] [Word– doc 187k]

2011 competitionMy Cycling Solution
Tell us your cycling problem or challenge and how you solved it.
Report on competition results with prizewinners & prize donors [ pdf 186k]
Entries in full [link]
Rules/Instructions and entry form [pdf 657k] [or enter on a blank A4]

2010 competitionBike Path Art for an Edinburgh or Lothians path
Results report with names of prizewinners and prize donors [pdf 183k]
Summary of all entries in prizewinning order [pdf 146k]
Entries in full [link]
Competition entry form and information sheet [link]
Possible advice & funding sources for actual installations –  please send us more contacts! [pdf 99k]

2009 competitionHow would you spend £1m to increase bike use for everyday journeys in Scotland now and into the future?
Entry form [pdf 156k]
Report and summary of prizewining entries [pdf 154k]
All competition entries 2009 anonymised [pdf 1182k]

2008 competitionMy favourite Bike Facility in Edinburgh or Lothians
For results see pages 1,2,4,5,7,8 of Spokes Bulletin 102 on our Bulletins page.

2007 competitionCartoon slogan – Entrants had to devise a speech bubble for 2 cartoons.   The rules and cartoons are in Spokesworker 23.6.07.  The winners are in Spokesworker 22.10.07.

2006 competitionMy favourite cycling recipe
Booklet of prizewinning recipes! [pdf 128k]

2005 competitionMy favourite bike ride in Edinburgh or Lothians
Printed booklet of prizewinning rides free on request with any cheque-with-order by post for a Spokes Cycle map.  Sorry, booklet pdf not produced, for technical reasons.  Click here for the draft booklet wording [pdf 194k] (pictures and maps are only in the printed version).  Entry form [pdf 70k].  [Later] Scan of booklet [pdf 1.6MB].

2004 competitionBest cycling joke
Sheet of prizewinning jokes! [pdf 65k]