March 2021

#SpokesComp: Cycling in the Pandemic

The pandemic has upended our lives and the whole of society. Whilst health and the NHS have rightly been everyone’s top concern, transport and travel have changed drastically. For our Spring competition, we’d like to hear your cycling experience during the pandemic – anything from just one incident through to major changes to your lifestyle.

Commuting has fallen drastically as people worked from home or were put on furlough, shops and leisure facilities have been shut, and travelling has been prohibited except for essential journeys and for exercise by cycling or walking.

So what happened to you? It might be ongoing changes or it might be a particular event that sticks in your mind. Here are just a few examples…

  • Did you take your children on streets that had less motor traffic, and how did changing traffic levels affect this?
  • Did you switch to cycling to free up spaces on buses?
  • Did you donate a much-loved spare bike to a scheme to assist key workers – or did you receive one?
  • Did a Spaces for People scheme make a big difference for you? Have you corresponded with your councillor about improving it and making it permanent?
Your entry

Deadline for submitting entries – midnight on Sunday 2 May

Your entry can be text (prose or verse) with or without photos, or photos alone, or a video, with the following conditions…

  • Text (prose or verse) – 600 word limit
  • Photos – max 4 photos and please try to keep each photo under 1MB
  • Video – can be very short or up to maximum 3 minutes. You must give a link to your video (e.g. on youtube), do not attach it
Super prizes (Including 10 runner-up prizes) !!
  • Harts Cyclery ‘Classic’ bike service worth £80 and £20 of parts
  • Edinburgh BikeCoop £60 voucher
  • Laidback Bikes One day free hire of Circe Helios tandem/cargo bike
  • Edinburgh Festival of Cycling  One day free hire of the EdFoC Urban Arrow cargobike
  • Bikecraft, Ocean Terminal Outdoor Tech Wireless Bluetooth headphones (2 prizes)
  • Sustrans Sustrans shop e-gift card up to the value of £20, so the winner can select maps of their choice and get them delivered to their door
  • Spokes £500 voucher* towards purchase of a cargo-bike
  • Spokes £100 voucher* towards purchase of an e-bike
  • Spokes Full set of 4 Spokes maps plus 2 buffs**
  • Spokes 10 runners-up will each win 1 buff**

* This voucher may only be used for the purpose stated above. It may only be used by the winner and is not transferable. It must be used at an Edinburgh or Lothians independent bike shop which is not one of the major national chains. We will pay the shop direct.

** Spokes will shortly be selling a buff (snood) printed with an interesting section of our 2020 Midlothian cycle/walk map. Note that this is not a medical mask.

Competition rules
  • Closing date – midnight on Sunday 2 May.
  • Email your entry to
  • Each person can submit 1 or 2 entries (not more)
  • Entries can only be submitted electronically, not on paper
  • If your entry refers to or pictures a place, it must be in Edinburgh or the Lothians
  • Keep your entry within the limits and conditions under ‘Your Entry’ above
  • Spokes may use your entry on our website, in our Bulletin or in other ways. By entering the competition you give Spokes permission to use your entry material in our ongoing campaigning and promotional work in any way. We may credit your name, unless you specifically ask us not to
  • The top prize winner gets first choice of prizes, and so on till all prizes allocated
  • The competition will be judged by members of Resources Group together with an outside judge; all of whom will be ineligible for prizes

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