July 2024

South-central Edinburgh

2404 MGS (Meadows to George St) TRO/21/32 & RSO/21/08 [also 2312, 2201 & more below] Orders published for objections / TRO/21/32 / plans / List of TRO measures / Reasons / RSO/21/08 / project website / Council news release / Spokes submission on the Orders /

2312 MGS (Meadows to George St) TRO/21/32 [also 2201 below] A second stakeholder consultation (unclear why) / Spokes response /

2310 Greenbank-Meadows Quiet Connection  consultation on options to feed into the planned ETRO legal process.  See our post-covid ETRO page.

2302 Grange Road TRO/21/17B junction changes at Tantallon Pl – Cumin Pl / Plans / Statement of Reasons / Spokes response /

2202 Newbattle Terrace TRO/21/31 stakeholder consultation [also 2012 below] Plans  Spokes response  Council reply

2201 MGS (Meadows to George St) TRO/21/32 [also 1907, 1808, 1712 below]  Statement of Reasons  Plans [9.2MB pdf]  Spokes response to Stakeholder consultn

2101 New Filmhouse on Festival Square [previous PAN consultn 2003 below] Full Planning App omits cycleroute.  Spokes objection

2012 Newbattle Terrace revised proposals [was 2008 below]  Consultation page  Spokes response  Consultation response & decision [scheme watered down to scrap proposed 1-way]

2009 Causey Project TRO/17/101A RSO/18/01A These are identical to 1802 below, which had expired  Spokes response

2008 Newbattle Terrace Resurfacing & ‘place’ improvements map1 map2 map3 map4  Spokes South Ed response  Blackford Safe Routes response   Council response to Spokes

2003 New Filmhouse on Festival Square  Consultation  Spokes response

1908 Astley Ainslie hospital site  Consultation  Spokes response

1907 MGS (Meadows to George St)   ‘Concept Design’ consultation  Spokes response [pdf, 3MB]

1905 Canal-Meadows  Consultation  Detailed proposals map   Spokes response  

1810 Grange Rd crossings (see also 1802 & 1609 below) Draft TRO drawings [pdf]  Spokes response [pdf]

1808 MGS (Meadows to George St) Initial consultation.  Council web pageSpokes initial reponse – project background & principles.  (1810) Council response to consultation – Brief report [pdf]  Map-based summary of comments [pdf]

1802 Quartermile site (see also 1702) Council will assess the 1-ways here, in light of cyclist exemption policy

1802 Causey Project TRO/17/101 & RSO/18/01  Spokes comments [pdf]

1802 Grange Rd crossings (see 1609 below) Final plans – briefing sheet  consultation page  Spokes response

1712 MGS (Meadows to George St)  Council briefing sheet following CL+ bid success.        [1707] Council bid for CL+ funding [pdf 4MB]  Spokes presentation on deliverability to judging panel [ppt].

1712 Causey Project  Spokes comments on draft TRO (prior to TRO being issued for public comment/objection)

1706 Causey Project (1609 below) Revised proposals re-instate the cycle lanes!

1706 QR30 Holyrood Park to Ratcliffe Terrace   NB: despite its name, one important intention behind this proposal is to improve the Pollock Halls to Mayfield/KB route.  Summary  Consultation website   Spokes response

1705 Nicolson Street / Clerk Street ‘Town Centre’ Guidance  Consultation website  Circular to South Ed members (on this & other items)  Spokes response

1702 Quartermile final(?) planning application 17_00168_FUL Very disappointing plans, still cyclist dismount & 1-way streets  Planning application  Spokes objection

1612 QR6 Meadows – Castle Terrace   Summary  Detailed drawings   Consultation website  Spokes response

1609 Causey Project (TRO/RSO traffic orders) …  Circular to South Edinburgh Spokes members, covering both 1609 topics [pdf]  Spokes objection [pdf]  TRO/RSO summary  TRO/16/44Plan   TRO/16/44Order   RSO/16/12Plans   RSO/16/12Order

1609 Grange Road crossings (consultation) …  Circular to South Edinburgh Spokes members, covering both 1609 topics [pdf]  scheme summary  Tantallon Pl crossing map  Lauder Rd crossing map  Spokes response   [1704] Consultation report

1503 Marchmont-KB onroad route  Consultation responses summary [pdf 197k].  Response to Spokes submission [pdf 73k].

1411 Marchmont-KB onroad route Consultation page [link].  Consultation leaflet [pdf 605k].  Spokes response [pdf 123k].

1411 QBiC  Useful ideas by EdinburghBikeLanes blog on possible future segregated options.

1409 Canal-Meadows  Official report of 1403 workshop [3MB].  Detailed plans for public comment [1409] [pdf 1.3MB].  Spokes submission [pdf 68k].

1406 Meadows-Innocent Outcome of consultation [pdf 175k].  Most of our points [1312 below] have been accepted in the revised plans.

1403 Canal-Meadows  Council workshop to scope preliminary ideas [pdf 299k].  Our notes from the workshop [pdf 137k].

1312 Meadows-Innocent Council consultation on proposed route.  Spokes response [pdf 68k].

1311 Morningside to Myreside path opportunity  Redevelopment of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital offers a great opportunity – but the path plans need improved and greatly speeded up.  Spokes circular to local members [pdf 106k].

1308 South-Central 20mph zone – Evaluation Report [pdf 3MB]  Very positive report, supporting bolder 20mph future policy.

1304 QBIC Survey of Spokes members (also covered Princes Street & tramlines)

1212 QBIC Interesting blog by Council Leader Cllr Andrew Burns, and useful discussion in comments on the blog.

1211 North Meadow Walk upgrade   The government offered last-minute new cycling money in the draft budget, to be spent this financial year.   Spokes urged the council to apply to upgrade North Meadow Walk, as this could be done in the very limited timescale – and the council bid successfully.    Draft plans are here…  West section [pdf 417k]  East section [pdf 343k].   Spokes is consulting local members in the very short time available.

1211 Post-QBiC traffic count [link to news story] First Spokes count after QBiC (nearly) completed.

1208 QBiC post-installation issues [pdf70k] This document reports problems with the implementation of QBiC – it is not commenting on the concept of QBiC.

1104 Revised QBiC proposals – discussion with council [pdf 63k] Spokes requested a meeting to discuss changes made as a result of the consultation – overall very pleased with the changes.  Biggest remaining problem is need for red surfacing throughout – letter to Transport Convener Cllr Mackenzie re red surfacing [pdf 60k].

1012 Final Spokes submission on QBC [pdf 95k]

1012 Final Spokes submission on 20mph consultation [txt 4k]  Currently we expect the report on this and the QBC consultation to go to the Council Transport Committee in February 2011, where a final decision is likely to be taken on whether to go ahead, and on any final changes to the proposals.

1011 Preliminary Spokes thoughts on the Quality Bike Corridor [rtf 20k].  This document also includes a note from the Council as to why nothing is shown for cyclists northbound between Potterrow and Teviot triangle.

1011 Preliminary Spokes thoughts on the 20mph proposal [rtf 10k].

1010 Spokes news item about the consultation [link]

1010 Quality Bike Corridor – official pages [link].  The consultation pages include a QBC consultation leaflet [pdf 550k] and also detailed drawings of the entire route [at the above link – many MB to download].

1010 20mph-zone – official pages [link].  The consultation pages includes a 20mph-zone consultation leaflet [pdf 522k].

0910 QBC initial announcement – see pages 1 and 5 of Spokes Bulletin 105 [pdf 2190k].

8303 Meadows Cycleway opens  Photo [Cllr Gorrie with glasses]  Spokes Bulletin 18, page1.

7902 Bristo Square Campaign to permit cycling UniSpokes leaflet [pdf]

7806 Campaign for Meadows CyclewaySpokes report to Council [pdf from scan]  Campaign flyer [pdf]  Spokes exhibition at Meadows [photo:  Left.. Meadows campaign organiser David Bellos;  Centre.. Cllr Bob Cairns with Dave du Feu behind; Right.. Cllr Donald Gorrie].