May 2024

Reporting tramline crashes

Tramline crashes, sadly, are all too common, and happen to people ranging from novice cyclists to the most experienced. Many such crashes, in our view, could have been avoided by a better tramline layout [1,2,3]. If you have had a crash we wish you a good recovery.

Reporting your crash may seem a hassle, or not a priority if you have been hurt, but please do it as soon as you can. This may be valuable if you later make a claim, and could also help other people by building up a picture of how crashes can be reduced in future.

Please consider the following…

1. Spokes Tramline Crashes Survey Please complete our survey below, even if you have emailed us, as it is helpful when we are looking for patterns. Even if there was no injury or damage, please respond if you came off your bike on Edinburgh tramlines. We use the results to lobby the Council for improvements in existing and future tramlines, and to advise people on crash risks.

2. The Council This is your ‘official’ report, and is the most important one, Report by email to and copy to and Do this as soon as possible, but if you do the Spokes survey first, it may help focus your thoughts for your Council report. If you prefer to write, send to Tram Depot, 1 Myreton Drive, Edinburgh EH12 9GF. These reports help the Council build up a picture of the types and locations of tramline dangers, so your report matters even if you were not injured.

3. Police A lawyer tells us you should report to the police if there is “personal injury,” which includes significant cuts or bruising. Phone 101. The police should record details for Stats19 official statistics, which are used by researchers, councils etc in assessing road dangers. If they say it is not a police matter, say you are not asking them to follow it up (unless you are) but you want your crash included in the Stats19 road injury statistics, so that tramline dangers are understood by the government and others who use the statistics.

4. Lawyer If you have cuts or bruises, or bike damage, we strongly recommend contacting one of the local lawyers who specialise in tramline crashes. A first chat should always be free, and if you decide to make a claim it will normally be on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. We also have a factsheet with more info about claiming. Local lawyers with considerable tramline crash experience include…

  • Thompsons Email
  • CycleLaw Email
  • Allan McDougall Email

5. Not in Edinburgh? If you have a tramline crash in another city, much of the above may still be helpful. If the local campaign group has a reporting page, you will probably find it at