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Since our first map in 1987 we have sold over 150,000 copies – click here to see why!!

All our maps are now printed on tear- and water-resistant paper.

  • Edinburgh (11th edition, 2021) – £6.95.  The 11th edition was completely revised both technically and in content, with the entire city surveyed in detail by Spokes volunteers.  The map now includes rural West Edinburgh, plus contours and shading to make hills clearer.  With a scale of roughly 1:16,000 the map is great for walking as well as cycling. Smaller scale maps on the reverse help you plan bike or bike/rail trips further afield.

The three Lothians maps have whole-area mapping at 1:30,000.   The reverse sides have information about places of interest and street plans at 1:10,000 for many of the towns.  To see the coverage of each map, click the appropriate link here: EdinburghEast Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian.

  • East Lothian (5th edition, 2023) – £6.95.  New and fully-updated edition
  • Midlothian (5th edition, 2020) – £6.95. Includes street maps of Dalkeith/ Bonnyrigg/ Loanhead, Penicuik and other towns on the reverse
  • West Lothian & Livingston (4th edition, 2018) – £6.95.  Includes detailed Livingston map on reverse, and main map extends east as far as Balerno & Edinburgh Gateway rail station
  • Favourite Cycle Rides (2016) – £2.  This booklet describes  eight of the best entries in a Spokes ‘My Favourite Bike Ride’ competition.  It includes outline maps, but is best used in conjunction with the Spokes maps
  • Spokes Map Buffs – £7 (or £3 if bought with a map direct from Spokes). Please specify Midlothian or Edinburgh.
    • The Midlothian buff features the Dalkeith-Portobello-Musselburgh triangle from our 2020 Midlothian map. See here for pictures and more info
    • The Edinburgh buff features part of our 2021 Edinburgh map, North-South from the New Town to the Hermitage, and West-East from Gorgie to Holyrood Park; printed in two sections side-by-side..  Side1Side2.
  • Glasgow (3rd edition, 2016 – published jointly with Go Bike, Strathclyde Cycle Campaign)  This edition has been entirely funded by Glasgow organisations including the City Council and is no longer on sale from Spokes.   Copies were available free from Glasgow Council by post, but stocks were running low and may now be run out.   Contact
    Glasgow City Council, Land & Environmental Services,
    Sustainable Transport (4th Floor), 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX
    Email…  sustainabletransport@glasgow.gov.uk;  Phone…  0141 287 9171.  Note that  Glasgow council online mapping is also available and includes bike hire and bike parking locations.

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Old editions – If you find a shop selling an old-edition map, please inform Spokes.  The current editions of each map are listed above.

1.  Many Edinburgh and Lothians bike shops stock some or all the maps – support your local bike shop! Lothians stockists are listed in (4) below.

The Favourite Cycle Rides booklet and the Map Buff are not widely stocked but are available direct from Spokes – see (3) below

2.  Spokes Maps can be ordered online from various local stores, including the following

NB – when searching an online store we suggest that you first use the search term ‘Spokes’

3.  Order direct from Spokes

Delivery time:  note that we are all volunteers and are sometimes on holiday!  Your order will normally arrive within 7-10 days, but if you are unlucky it might be up to 3 weeks or so.

a. to pay by BACS:  email office@spokes.org.uk for details

b. or, send a cheque to:  Spokes, St Martin’s Centre, 232 Dalry Road, Edinburgh  EH11 2JG.   Note – please make your cheque payable to:  Spokes Lothian Cycle Campaign,  not just to Spokes.

You do not need to add postage to map orders – we will pay the postage or may deliver your order if local.  You can of course add a donation!!  And why not join Spokes at the same time?  See here.

  • With any map order direct to Spokes you can request one free copy (per order) of either My Favourite Bike Ride or My Favourite Cycling Recipe [until stocks run out].   These booklets contain top entries from our Spokes annual competitions.  This offer does not apply to orders from shops, online, etc – only orders to Spokes by post
  • My Favourite Bike Ride .. If not ordering maps, the cost is £3 including postage
  • Buffs .. If ordering one or more Spokes maps you can include buffs in the order at £3 each. If not ordering maps, the cost for one buff is £7 including postage; plus £3 for each additional buff

4. Lothians businesses stocking Spokes maps – support your local shop!

It’s not easy to keep track, as maps are distributed in more than one way.  Below are shops that we think currently stock the map for their area (and maybe more).  Please…

  • contact Spokes if you notice any mistakes in the lists
  • publicise to friends etc that these shops sell our cycle map!

East Lothian

  • DunbarBelhaven Bikes
  • HaddingtonKesley’s BookshopMike’s Bikes
  • MusselburghAce Bike Co., Nth High St
  • North BerwickLaw Cycles
  • HumbieHumbie Hub cafe


  • EskbankEskbank Trading, 2 Station Road
  • LasswadeTrek Cycles at Dobbies Garden World
  • NewtongrangeMutts Cycles, 13 Station Road
  • PathheadTartan Bicycle Company 136 Main St, Pathhead, EH37 5PX
  • PenicuikPen-Y-Coe Press, 7 Bridge St  EH26 8LL
  • RoslinChapel Cross Guest House & Tearoom, 2 Penicuik Road
  • SoutraHouse of Soutra cafe

West Lothian

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Bulk orders by shops (or others) are available at roughly 33% off, with bigger discounts for 50+ of any one map – see below for exact prices.

Note that if you belong to a bike group or workplace Bicycle User Group this is a great way for your members to get cut-price maps.  For example, RBS Gogarburn BUG sold 70 (yes, 70!) copies, a member in Ed Uni Parallel Computing Centre sold 28 and a government office bought 50 Edinburgh and 30 Lothians maps to sell at their staff sustainable travel roadshow.

Bulk order discount prices
  • Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian maps [cover price £6.95]
  • 6+ copies – £4.60 each [you can order a mixture of maps]
  • 50+ of any one map – £4.30 each
  • 100+ maps assorted – £4.30 each
  • Favourite Cycle Rides  6 or more copies – £1.00 each [cover price £2]
How to order at bulk prices
  • Shops & businesses – please email your order to maps@spokes.org.uk and you will be invoiced
  • Individuals – please email office@spokes.org.uk to pay by BACS, or post a letter with a cheque to our address in B(3) above.
Flat maps for pinning to walls (shops & businesses)

We have a limited supply of unfolded maps, at the same prices.  When a bulk maps order is placed you can specify one of the maps to be an unfolded map (whilst flat stocks last).   Due to the limited supply a maximum of one flat map can be ordered per 6 maps ordered in total (e.g. if you order 18 maps then you can specify that to include up to 3 unfolded maps, not more).

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What fantastic maps! These maps have been one of the best things about Scotland since moving here some years ago. Well done!” Email to Spokes [2024]

I was at West Lothian Bike Library this morning and saw your two maps on the gate (picture). These would be fantastic to have up in our school too, how do we go about it?” Email from a West Lothian secondary school teacher [2023] [Spokes note: we can supply flat copies of most of our maps]

I couldn’t do this challenge (to ride every path in the city) without the Spokes map which is SO helpful. Eg not just cycle paths but highlighting good back streets which link sections of cycle path togetherTweet by Sue Fletcher-Watson [2023]

Got my new copy from @ToppingsEdin after my old East Lothian cycle map was worn from many rides. Thank you @SpokesLothian for a fab resourceTweet by Tracy Griffen [2023]

Awesome map” for planning a group bike ride. Tweet by Edinburgh Critical Mass [jpg here] [2023]

I love my spokes cycle maps, they are invaluable. Just wish something similar was available for the borders and Fife (there is Sustrans, but they aren’t as good)”  Facebook comment by Ruth Durie, at the end of this post [2023]

“They sell well because the detailed map of Penicuik is the best available”  comment by Pen-Y-Coe Press who sell our maps in their Penicuik shop [2022]  Note that our maps include detailed town maps on the reverse
“Lovely afternoon on the Pencaitland railway path with thanks as ever to @SpokesLothian⁩ for the excellent East Lothian map”  [tweet with photos by @sto_paul, 2022]

When I first moved to the Lothians I bought all the maps, and it’s one thing I do miss having moved to Fife. I hoped, and expected, I might be able to find something similar, but so far not 🙁    The importance of those maps can’t be over estimated.” [tweet by @urbancyclist, 2022]

“Just picked up the new @SpokesLothian Edinburgh map at the Castle Terrace Farmer’s Market.  It’s gorgeous!  [tweet by @SRDorman 2021]

“I’d like to buy a Spokes map of Edinburgh – rather bizarre reason!  I was in Edinburgh in a flat for 5 months last winter.  There was a spokes map there that I used all the time to find my way from Leith all around the city, all on foot too!  I’m putting together a book of the amazing things I did, and I need a map – but there is nothing like the Spokes map. Nothing else will quite cut it!”  [email to Spokes, 2021]

“Spokes Cycle Maps – second to none. Tear & water resistant for good measure too. Help avoid busy roads & plan interesting journeys. Recommended.”  [tweet with picture by @FreeSolo5, 2020]

Spokes map – “One of my best (non human) companions of this strange and difficult time. Thanks so much to ⁦@SpokesLothian.”  [Covid crisis tweet by a senior council officer – also ‘liked’ by several other senior officers & councillors, 2020]

“Planning leg 1 of #storyonbikes for #girlseducation #malawi. Thanks @SpokesLothian  for great maps! ^Heidi” [tweet with picture by @MamieMartinFund, 2020]

“Recommend pinning on the wall for easy route planning! After years with online maps, was surprised how much I preferred a real one.”  [tweet with picture by @ARCavaye, 2020]

“Went exploring close to home today. I can’t believe all the new trails & connections I’m still finding even though I’ve cycled locally for ten years. A fabulous cycle – the combo of @SpokesLothian & OS maps keep uncovering new places & routes.”  [tweet by @crabbitcopy, 2020]

“Your maps are invaluable and the detail amazing, far better than any other commercially available maps including the Ordnance Survey map. They are also excellent value.  Congratulations to those involved in their research and production.”  [email from satisfied customer, 2019]

“The fantastic maps you had for the region(s) around Edinburgh did actually more for cycling and commuting for me than anything else.  My new area completely lacks maps of that quality.”   [email from Spokes member who has moved away, 2019]

“The pupils had to find the school, their house and Portobello on the map, and plan a safe route between the three.”  [email from Outdoor Learning school teacher who uses 10 copies of our Edinburgh map, 2019]

“We’d like to buy 100 of the Spokes East Lothian maps …  They are very popular and we often distribute them when promoting cycling, especially to council staff.”  [email from East Lothian Council, Sustainable Transport Officer, 2018]

“Used our maps in Conversation Cafe today – planning cycle routes to visit our fave Edinburgh places, inc the botanics, Portobello & Cramond.”  [tweet by @WelcomingEdi, 2018]

“For cycling in East Lothian get a map. Shows cycle routes, quiet roads etc. Really worth having for exploring by bike.” [tweet by @prestonpanarchy, 2018]

“As part of our brief to encourage more people to cycle, being able to provide a complimentary copy of the Spokes Map is a very useful tool … it has proved to be very popular”  [David Liddell, West Lothian Bike Library, who have bought 1000 copies!  2018]

West Lothian Council Bulletin  feature article  [Nov 2018]

“You might be interested to know for the last 18 months or so our Maintenance squad has been using a laminated Spokes Edinburgh Cycle map as a tool to help ensure the cycle paths are swept clear of leaves.” [Edinburgh Council active travel officer, Bryan Mackie, 2018]

“Just bought my first Spokes map- what a terrific buy!”  [tweet by @StephaniMok, 2017]

“The Spokes map is displayed prominently at our head office, beside our staff ‘pool’ bike.  This makes active travel an easier option, allowing confident route planning throughout the city.”  [Email from Brendan Brodie, Edinburgh Leisure project officer, 2017]

“Spent lunchtime at work talking to colleagues about cycle-commuting.  Lots of questions about safe routes & plans for weekend tryouts.  As ever, maps and website were invaluable in showing options.”  [tweet by @hank_chief, 2017]

“Congrats on the new Edinburgh cycle map.   Spokes maps are the best around for cycling and their only fault was that they fell apart.  Good therefore to see the improved paper.” [email to Spokes, 2016]

“I’ve already been using my new 2016 Spokes map and last week discovered the Grotto Bridge out at Cammo. I’ve lived my life in West Edinburgh and had no idea it existed!” [@crabbitcopy, 2016]

“Very handy to get out in the office for meetings etc”  [Council officer in the Transport Department, vebal comment, 2016]

“The new Edinburgh map looks great, and I love that it is water and tear-resistant!” [Sustainability Officer at Edinburgh College, who ordered 6 copies to pin on College noticeboards, 2016]

“I belong to a local history group in Bridgend, Linlithgow, writing a history of the local shale industry.  We need to include a modern outline map of the area – by far the best such map we have seen is the Spokes West Lothian map. Would it be permissible to photocopy part of the map covering Bridgend?” [email to Spokes, 2016]

“Super ride on the old railway paths this morning – discovered on MidLothian 2015 map” [tweet by @116McD]

“The maps published by Spokes are among the finest cycling maps you’ll find anywhere”  [Recommendation by Cycling Edinburgh website, 2016]

Your maps are superb and I use them regularly in my work as a cycle writer” [2015: letter from Fergal MacErlean @fme99 who writes the Bike Rides column in the Herald Magazine on Saturdays]

We have a Spokes map up on the wall in a prominent location in our office (the entrance to the canteen).  I often see colleagues looking at it, planning routes, etc.  Even if they’re only looking at it for car journeys, it still gives cycling good publicity.   I would recommend the same for any office.”  [comment by edd1e_h on CCE forum, 2015]

We had a SPOKES map on the wall showing the routes that current cyclists take” [article by @hankchief referring to the Bicycle User Group at Royal Bank Gogar HQ]

Very happy memories of following @spokeslothian suggested routes round E Lothian in early ’80s” [tweet by @trapprain, 2015]  [Can’t resist including this nice historic comment! – and of course there are many more options on our current EL map above!!]

“Fab cycle loop through East Lothian today – guided by the excellent map – Musselburgh, Haddington & back along the coast. Ace!”  [tweeted by @m_massage, 2014]

“Caution – Lots of steps!!!  Lesson for the day – Check the Spokes map FIRST!!”  [http://healthyedinburgh.com/carfreequeensferry/ [tweeted by , 2014]

Hi guys! Your brilliant West Lothian map helped me out on my latest exploring adventure 🙂”  [tweeted by @crabbitcopy, 2014]

22 miles later, back to Dunbar without getting lost thanks to the wonderful cycle map  [tweeted by @backonmybike, 2013]

“Livingston today by bike/train (with @SpokesLothian map!). Walking talk with HMRC staff.  Fab offroad paths.”  [tweeted by @HelenRambler, 2013]

Just started cycling to get fit, used your East Lothian map today and really enjoyed it. It’s a great map! Thanks 🙂 ”  [tweeted by @LA_Anders, 2013]

I am a great fan of your maps – especially the Edinburgh one which has been a joy to use and a joy to discover the (almost!) inter-connecting car-free pathways.”  [Ben Vogelsang, cycling photographer, 2013]

Thanks to our Spokes Maps we were rightly guided all the way … we really felt in good hands.”  [Dead Dog Blog, July 2012]

On a family ride to the Borders my brake cable broke – I checked the Spokes Midlothian map and found a shop in Penicuik (Motavation) – they couldn’t have been more helpful.”   [SRD, July 2010]

The best source of information on cycleroutes in Edinburgh” according to Edinburgh Council! [letter, May 2007]

“I moved here from America in 1995 and bought your map – it has proved invaluable.  Thanks so much – you have helped make Edinburgh a better place.”  [letter 9.3.96]

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  • Spokes maps may not be copied, in whole or part, without permission, for which there may be a charge. If you see this done, or to seek permission for this, please email  spokes @spokes.org.uk
  • Do not try to laminate your map at home.  Our new maps are all printed on tear- and water-resistant HDPE film and may start to melt under extreme heat (however it’s fine in sunshine, even with global-heating!)
  • If you need a laminated copy (for example for more rigidity or to be able to repeatedly write on it with a marker) talk to a printer who has a low temperature laminator (under 60°C).   If this is a problem then for a particularly good cause we could get a copy run off on plain paper (cost about £20) which could then be laminated in a normal way.
  • We have a limited supply of flat (unfolded) maps – see C above, ‘bulk orders.’

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Corrections – general

While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of Spokes maps, no map can ever be guaranteed free of errors.  We would be grateful if you would let us know about any mistakes you spot, so that they can be corrected in the next edition. Please email  spokes@spokes.org.uk.

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1.  Occasional special offers are announced in the Spokes Bulletin (only valid if in the latest bulletin) or in a blog article (only valid until date stated or, if no date stated, until next bulletin issued).  Also, if you buy a map at a Spokes stall [for example at a Spokes public meeting or at a community festival] it is normally at a reduced price.

2. Disposal of previous map editions
When a new edition comes out, rather than pulp the remaining copies of the previous edition, we try to distribute them free, but in ways that will not threaten sales of the new edition – for example via schools or community groups who would like a supply for purposes such as in (J) below.  We include a flyer in the map, stating that this is the previous edition, and that a newer edition is now on sale.

Anyone wishing a supply of old maps for such purposes can contact Spokes when you hear of a new edition being published.

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History reports
Innovative map distribution schemes

The primary purpose of Spokes maps is to encourage more people to use bikes to get around, whether for utility or leisure.   As a result, Spokes has run or supported a few innovative schemes for wide-scale map distribution, notably those below.

Whilst making a profit is not the main objective of Spokes maps,  production nonetheless has to pay for itself.  However, the projects below support the theory that spreading knowledge of the existence (and quality) of the maps is the key to increasing sales. Whilst an offer of free or discounted maps may result in some lost sales, or some reduction in profits, this may well be outweighed by new sales resulting from wider knowledge of the existence of the maps.

  • In 1998, under the Scottish Office Cycle Challenge scheme, Spokes contacted 200,000 local households, of whom 7500 claimed a Spokes map free – and the project also brought nearly 1000 sales.  Most materials from the project are now lost, but see para 01xx near end of our National page
  • In 2010, funded by the Scottish Govt Climate Challenge, an additional 12,500 copies of the Edinburgh map (with a different cover) were distributed free by the Bike Station via many outlets, including businesses.  The above Edinburgh Map history states “Despite qualms by some people, sales of the paid-for map were not damaged by the free edition, and indeed we had to reprint the map several times.
Edition dates
  • Edinburgh 1987 (edition 1); 1991 (2); 1994 (3); 1996 (4); 1999 (5); 2001 (6); 2004 (7); 2007 (8); 2010 (9); 2016 (10); 2017 (10th edition reprinted with minor corrections & updates); 2019 (10th edition again reprinted with minor corrections & updates); 2021 (11th edition, completely revised, with new base)
  • East Lothian 2003 (1); 2008 (2); 2014 (3); 2017 (4)
  • Midlothian 1998 (1); 2002 (2); 2009 (3); 2015 (4); 2020 (5)
  • West Lothian (West Lothian & Livingston from 2012 edition on) 2000 (1), 2005 (2) , 2012 (3), 2018 (4)

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Of course, most people will use their maps for route finding, but there’s loads more that they can be – and are! – used for.

Feedback ideas

Examples from our Feedback section [D above] and elsewhere including …

  • Encouraging people to cycle, e.g. in workplace travel-awareness days or initiatives
  • Help in preparing articles about cycling and local routes
  • Marking up a map to show your progress with a path-related activity (e.g. to show which paths you have visited or photographed – or litter picked!)
  • Displaying locations of interest – e.g. this Edinburgh Lochs ride (by 81-year-old Spokes member, Douglas)
  • Using in an office working on transport projects
  • As a public info noticeboard outside your premises – e.g. here by West Lothian Bike Library
  • Pin it on your kitchen wall if you really love it
  • Find the nearest bike shop if you have a breakdown!
  • Plan your local charity bike ride – e.g. ‘Ride all the cyclepaths
Use in school classes
  • There are many potential uses of maps in schools.  Spokes has produced this factsheet, largely based on feedback we have received from schools and others.
Quizzes for family, friends or others

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