April 2014
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Future of bike-rail in Scotland

Two major consultations will help decide the future of bike-rail in Scotland…


Bulletin 109: transport spending out of kilter

Without a major change of policy after May’s Holyrood election, the Scottish Government will fail to meet its praiseworthy and potentially achievable target for 10% of trips to be by bike in 2020…


North Berwick trains: bike survey

If you use the North Berwick rail service (including to or from intermediate stations) please help in our survey of bike usage…


The Big Example

Anyone organising a big event at a potentially car-based site could learn a great lesson in terms of encouraging sustainable access from The Big Tent environment festival on July 23-25 in Fife.

North Berwick trains bike capacity

New trains are planned for April 2011 which will reduce dedicated bike capacity from 8 to 2 spaces per train (although one bike will be allowed in each vestible if the train is not too full)…


Bulletin 106 – Cycling investment falling

Cycling investment across Scotland risks falling in every year of office of the SNP government – but there are positive signs at Edinburgh Council.


Spokes Public Meetings

There’s now a downloads page under the above downloads tab with links to reports of the last 6 Spokes public meetings.


Spokesworker 11.11.09

The Scottish Parliament has launched an Inquiry into Active Travel (walking and cycling) – this and much more is covered in  Spokesworker 11.11.09 …


A8 underpass – pushbikes only!

A new underpass of the A8, at a critical location, will only allow bikes to be pushed – unless you object now!!


Bulletin 105 – Late 2009

Good news from Edinburgh Council, whilst at Holyrood the draft budget for 2010/11 yet again boosts trunk road spending whilst maintaining cycling investment at a miserable level.