August 2009

CAPS – Scottish Cycling Action Plan – Spokes responds

The government sets the target (10% of all journeys in Scotland to be by bike by 2020) – therefore they have the primary responsibility for achieving it.

This is a main theme of our response [pdf 297k].  There are some excellent ideas in the government’s action plan – but no commitment to funding the Plan! – and without European-style funding the government’s European-style target cannot possibly be achieved.

The second main theme of our response is the need for the road system to look, feel and be safe and welcoming for everyday trips by bike.

“To achieve the ambitious target set by the Minister it is vital that we start rapidly with measures which will impact on large numbers of people. What the public are asking for to make cycling more acceptable is no secret, it has been known for a long time, and it was yet again highlighted in the responses to the earlier CAPS consultation exercise. Primarily €“ a road system which looks, feels and is safe and welcoming for everyday journeys made by bike.”

Some sections of our response are…

A & K – adequate provision of funding is essential
L – our proposed mechanism by which government funding should be provided in the immediate future
C & J – making the road system look, feel and be safe and welcoming : a widespread visible infrastructure using coloured lanes and ASLs and, where possible, high quality segregated routes on or beside the road
M,N,P,U – our proposed government Cycle Fund would aim to bring about a bike-friendly road system, but could also encourage many innovative schemes in areas such as work journeys, maps, promotion, bike recycling, maintenance, security.
Appendix – our response to the previous (2008) CAPS consultation

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