October 2009

Old Dalkeith Road – final Orders

Final proposals for the Old Dalkeith Road bus and bike scheme have been published.

Following the consultation covered in our August 7 news item many hospital staff, the NRIE bike users group, and other concerned cyclists submitted comments to the council, as did Spokes. Thank you if you sent in comments! We are delighted to say that, whilst the scheme was already quite an improvement (see 7 August news), several more very positive changes have now been made.

The revised maps and accompanying council letter are downloadable here.

Basically there will be a virtually continuous bus/cycle lane citybound – including a physically segregated section within which bikes and buses will have their own line-separated paths. Outbound there will be a near-continuous cycle lane free of car parking 24/7 for most of the way, except that daytime car-loading and evening car-parking is allowed near Bridgend Cottages and there’s a very unfortunate short gap allowing roughly 4 parked cars for the houses near the recycling centre [the council say they are unable to find any nearby space that could be allocated instead].

Also, we understand that the cycle lanes will be coloured throughout.

The Final Orders are now out, and formal objections can be submitted by 3 November. However, the scheme is such a massive improvement, and the council has moved so far, that it is unlikely Spokes will formally object to the remaining problems above – that could delay implementation of the scheme, which as a whole looks like being such a big improvement.

Finally, as part of a possible future cycle scheme the council is exploring the feasibility of a signalised cycle/pedestrian crossing linking Craigmillar Cycle path at Bridgend Farm with Inch Park, but that is not part of the present scheme.

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