December 2009

Spokes Copenhagen ‘Ride Planet Earth’ – report

Our Sunday ride in support of Ride Planet Earth was great!!

For pictures see MLewis at flickr – let us know if you have other pictures available online, which we can link to from here.

Including joiners and leavers there were 73 participants in total, the weather was excellent, and the lunchtime food at Out of the Blue was greatly enjoyed and good value.  Many thanks to Stuart who organised the ride, the other ride helpers, Euan who organised the lunchtime venue, Dave for the speakers, and Tim for the stall.   Four new households joined Spokes – an added bonus! – including Edinburgh Central MSP Sarah Boyack.

Mark Lazarowicz MP (who we invited to speak as a Spokes member for around 15 years!) talked about the climate talks at Copenhagen and the value of ordinary people speaking to friends, colleagues and politicians about the issues.  We gave him a letter to pass to UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband.

Sarah Boyack MSP had contacted us after reading about Ride Planet Earth in Spokes Bulletin 105, and now hopes to come on occasional future Sunday Rides.   She spoke about the need for the Scottish Parliament to act determinedly to fulfill the targets and ambitions of its far-reaching Climate Change Act 2009.  She urged everyone to regularly email MSPs on matters that concern them, and pointed out that at this moment in time emails about the draft Scottish Budget 2010-11 were particularly important.  [An update article about this will appear shortly on this site].  We gave her a letter to pass to Scottish Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Richard Lochhead MSP.

There’s a background article on the climate science for Copenhagen, from the UK Met Office and the Royal Society in Spokesworker 5.12.09.

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