January 2011

Onstreet storage – survey results

Results from the Spokes online survey about on-street bike storage facilities are now available…

We asked particularly about overnight bike storage for people who have difficulty storing a bike in their flat or tenement.  The results suggest a high level of likely demand, and provide useful information on what type of facilities might be most useful and most used.   Many thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.

There were many comments of this sort, “I have no back garden and can’t keep my bike in the stairwell for safety, my flatmate has a bike too and in a tenement flat two mountain bikes take up a lot of room. On-street bike parking would be a great facility to have.

A commentary, full results, and the survey form are all downloadable from the Storage Project background documents page [see the section called Onstreet Bike Storage Survey].

We asked that respondents only complete the survey if they would be likely to use on-street bike parking facilities.  Whilst the respondents are of course self-selected, the results provide useful feedback, direct from potential users, to help steer the on-street storage facility pilots mentioned in the Edinburgh Council’s 2010 Active Travel Action Plan.

What next?

  • Spokes intends to discuss possible on-street pilots soon with Council officers and with Transport Convenor Cllr Gordon MacKenzie, who last autumn expressed a strong interest in delivering actual on-street installations.
  • Several Spokes members are actively working towards on-street storage in their local areas (streets in the West End, Marchmont and Newington) and negotiating the obstacles which can arise, such as cost, Streetscape design considerations, opposition to reduction of car-parking , etc.   If you’re interested in doing something similar in your area, and would like more information and ideas, see our new online factsheet and contact spokesbikestorage@spokes.org.uk.
  • We particularly welcome feedback from anyone who is now taking practical steps towards domestic bike parking – whether onstreet, or in a tenement or in your own flat/house.  If you are doing this, please complete our online survey.

For further information on the Spokes Bike Storage project – including our new factsheet and product database, see the Bike Storage Project downloads page.

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