September 2011

Edinburgh tram update

With work restarting on the tram, there are many implications for cyclists…

Spokes has requested a re-start to the tram/cycle liaison meetings. The best possible city-centre tram/cycle outcome is vital to the future of cycling in Edinburgh and to the success of the Council’s Active Travel Action Plan.

Topics for the liaison meetings need to include…

  • The least possible deterioration in onroad cycling conditions in the final layouts.   We are particularly worried about some locations such as for the large number of cyclists travelling from Morrison Street to the A8 at Haymarket, though given the tramline layouts alternatives are sometimes hard to see.
  • The recommendations of the Princes Street interim safety audit need implemented as part of the current Princes Street remedial works – for example, the recommendation for cobbles to be removed outside of the tramlines [see Spokes 110, page 4 and our tram documents page].
  • A safer Princes Street crossing at The Mound [see Spokes 109, page 4].   Our proposal to reduce motor traffic to one lane in each direction appears to be receiving serious consideration by the council.
  • Taking better account of cyclists in traffic diversions.   Cyclists should not always be forced to use the same diversion paths as motor vehicles, if there is a more appropriate alternative available with a little thought.  Many motor diversions involve not just extra distance but added danger because of more junctions, right turns, etc.   For example, could the servicing lane in Princes St be used for at least some cyclist journeys?
  • Starting bike carriage sooner than previously intended, now that the tram is not continuing to Leith, so patronage will be less than originally expected.

** How you can help

  • Please note that we are all volunteers, so our time is limited, and the meetings are not frequent – so every detail cannot be discussed.   In particular we can’t go into the detail of every diversion, especially as they are all temporary – our biggest concern has to be the long-term tram/cycle outcomes.
  • So – if you are concerned about any tram/cycle issues, then by all means let us know, it will help our lobbying and our understanding, but please do also take action yourself – for example by asking your councillors to raise the matter with the tram team.   Use to find your councillors.
  • If you are involved in a tramline crash, even if there is no injury please do report it – and let us know.

** The Works and the Diversions

Edinburgh Trams have issued a summary of expected work schedules/ diversions [pdf 123k].

For more details, and details of diversions/timetables in any particular location, go to then…

  • click on local updates
  • then, on the map, click the tram stop nearest the area that concerns you
  • then click ‘link to updates’ [if there is an update]
  • then click the download to get details and a map of what is planned.

For more information about works and diversions email or phone the customer helpline 0800 328 3934.

** More information

For more Spokes tram info – see our tram information/document page.

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