October 2011

Bulletin 111: SNP manifest’No

The Scottish Government’s draft 2012-13 budget, now being consulted on, makes a mockery of the SNP election manifesto of just 6 months ago, which promised to “increase the proportion of transport spending on  … active and sustainable travel.”

Whilst total transport spending rises in the draft budget from £1804m in 2011-12 to £1884m in 2012-13, thanks to a £97m boost for trunk roads/ motorways, total investment in cycling from all main sources looks set to fall to £15m (or much less if the CWSS fund is scrapped in December).   The proportion, instead of increasing as in the manifesto promise, is instead being slashed:  with cycling investment down to 0.8% or less of total transport spending.   Astonishingly, total investment in cycling and walking will be around one-sixth the increase in trunk road spending.

The full story, and our calculations, appear in new Spokes Bulletin 111 [pdf 4.9MB]If you are concerned, it is important to write now to your MSPs – and/or visit their surgeries – whilst the draft budget is still undergoing consultation.

Spokes is not ‘anti-SNP’ or party-political.   As the Bulletin says, “A realistic, costed, funded path to achieve the government’s own target (10% of trips by bike by 2020) would gain as much credit from Spokes as the extreme scepticism we sadly now have to express.”   Were the government genuinely to stick to its manifesto that too would be strongly applauded.   And our previous Bulletin 110 [see Bulletins page] shortly after the election, gave top prominence to what were then some very positive signs – not least of which was the manifesto promise, now so casually abandoned.


Also in Spokes Bulletin 111 …

  • Edinburgh Council 2012 big projects onroad and offroad
  • Annual Spokes funding survey 2010/11 – ‘best year so far’ for cycle projects
  • Spokes summer competition results
  • Bikes & tram, bikes & rail
  • And lots more info/ideas/suggestions for letters/emails…

The printed bulletin also includes an Edinburgh Council Active Travel Action Plan 4-page pullout supplement [pdf 4.1MB] containing the Family Network proposals map, and summary information about the Cycle Friendly City onroad plans, bike parking, overnight storage, etc, etc.  For more on ATAP … see the full Active Travel Action Plan – and come along to our Nov 17 public meeting where you can question transport convener Cllr Gordon Mackenzie.   [NB – we have been asked why the Quality Bike Corridor is not shown on the map in the council supplement – the reason is that the map shows the Family Network, whilst the QBC is largely an onroad project under the ‘cycle friendly city’ umbrella.   We have also been asked why Princes St is not shown – that is because its longterm future is still a complete unknown (tell your councillors what you want to see!)].


Accompanying Bulletin 111 is Spokesworker 25 October 2011 [pdf 192k] on Spokesworker page.   This includes…

  • Scottish budget response from SNP MSP Marco Biagi
  • Edinburgh and S. E. Scotland development plan consultations
  • Ed-Glasgow bike-rail future fears on bike carriage
  • David Attenborough on climate change
  • Community cycle project funding available
  • Cyclist crashes at Cramond Brig Toll and Brae Park Road
  • House of Lords Science and Technology Cttee evidence on the importance of better bike infrastructure
  • and lots more…


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