January 2012

Council Elections 3 May 2012

Spokes has issued a manifesto to political parties contesting the City of Edinburgh council elections…

Our election manifesto [pdf 68k] calls, amongst other things, for parties contesting the elections to commit to…

  • continued implementation of Edinburgh’s Active Travel Action Plan with its many proposals including the Family Friendly Network and onstreet Quality Bike Corridors
  • sufficient staffing and investment to achieve ATAP targets
  • continued endorsement of the Charter of Brussels  – Edinburgh’s signing by Transport Director Marshall Poulton was reported in Spokes Bulletin 105
  • moving towards investing £10 per head of population in cycling by the final year of the next council [see appendix 1 of our Scottish budget submission for why £10]
  • Princes Street free of motor traffic on one or both sides of the tram [also forming part of a safe and welcoming city centre east-west bike route]

If you live in Edinburgh and support our manifesto, please tell your local councillors (and, later, your candidates) about it and ask what their party will include or have included in their election manifestos.   We have already circulated our manifesto to the party transport representatives, but it is extremely valuable for councillors to hear from their own local voters.

If you live elsewhere in Scotland your local council also has elections on 3 May, so get in touch now with the local parties with your ideas for their manifestos – if you don’t know who to contact, go to your council website and find the leader of each party.  Also, if possible, contact the existing councillors for your own local ward.

To find your own local councillors easily use www.writetothem.com   [Note that most council wards have 3 or 4 councillors].

There will be more about the elections in the Spring Spokes Bulletin [early March or late Feb] and in email circulars to Spokes members [are you a member?].   We are also planning an Edinburgh Council Election hustings – probable date March 29.

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