May 2012

Spokes Summer mailing

Spokes Bulletin 113 is hitting the doorsteps of all Spokes members, 1200 decision-makers across Scotland, and countless other cyclists and interested individuals (well, to be a little more precise, around 13,000 for this issue!)

In their mailing, Spokes members are receiving…

Spokes Bulletin 113, Summer 2012
– Council elections outcomes, Edinburgh and wider
– Pedal on Parliament, report and pictures
– Government active travel funding remains woeful
– Spokes summer competition – my favourite place by bike
– Helmets controversy
– A Sustrans pullout supplement
– and lots more – info, oddities, and letters needed!

Spokesworker 23 May 2012
– Spokes traffic count – bikes up again
– election outcomes – what it means
– rail fares consultation
– more…

A free Pedal on Parliament postcard

A Spokes Summer competition entry form [appearing on website soon]

Flyers for Mercy Corps’s Tour de Forth and Sestran’s 2-Capitals Ride

Meanwhile … our huge apologies to  Storybikes whose Hadrian’s Wall Tour advert [pdf 246k] sadly got forgotten during Bulletin preparation – so please read it here instead!!  [If you go on any of Andy’s Storybike tours you’ll get stories even more fascinating and amusing that the sperm and marbles ones in Spokes Bulletin 113!]


If you’d like … to know what happens to 12,000-13,000 copies of the Spokes Bulletin, see the Info File on our Bulletins page.

If you’d like … to join Spokes so as to support our campaiging – and so as not to miss out on future mailings [and you might still get this one!] see our membership page.

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