November 2013

Policing Plan + Spokesworker

November sees drop-in police consultation events around the city to gather ideas and comments for Edinburgh Local Policing Plan 2014-17

The latest Spokesworker [3.11.13] is just out, but only includes a brief mention of the Policing Plan Consultation, as we have only just come across the consultation details – so we give further details below.

The Edinburgh Local Policing Plan sets policing priorities for the city as a w1311 police plan consultn BYOtZVRCYAAfVOT.jpg largehole and also for each ward within the city.  For more info and the current 2013-14 plans for Edinburgh and the Lothians Councils see our security page.  The 2014-17 plans are likely to be more comprehensive as they cover 3 years, whilst the current 1-year plans had to be created quickly after the setting up of Police Scotland.

Adequate police resourcing for road safety is vital, for example to enforce speed limits, including 20mph areas, to reduce dangerous driving and to fully investigate crashes.

Cycling casualty rates (in Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK) have fallen drastically over the last 2-3 decades, but this trend has ceased in recent years, whilst motoring casualty rates have continued to fall.   [This is discussed on page 5 of Spokes Bulletin 117].   Road safety must therefore feature strongly in the Local Policing Plan – and pay particular heed to cyclist (and pedestrian) casualties.  However, the approach must be to create conditions which are safe and welcoming (through infrastructure and taming traffic – including enforcement and investigation) rather than relying on vulnerable road users attempting, sometimes in vain, to protect themselves in hostile conditions.

Bike theft is another issue affecting many people and making more difficult the achievement of the council’s bold targets to increase cycle use.  Secure overnight storage, frequent public bike-parking and imaginative policing are all vital.

Find the consultation times and places on this poster [pdf 191k].  There is also a police news release containing more info and an online questionnaire.

The email address for the consultation is

We don’t have info on consultations for Local Policing Plans outside Edinburgh – contact your local police or council for details.

Also in Spokesworker…

  • Red surfacing – ‘red chipping’ policy needs review
  • Planning Applications and PANs – new Spokes web page
  • Morningside-Myreside – path proposal needs improved
  • West Harbour Road – vital Waterfront cycleroute connection missing from plans
  • Edinburgh Transport Cttee report – cycling 7% of transport budget, and will again include gritting of main offroad cycleroutes
  • Videos of cycling investment protest, Haymarket tramline dangers and eating cornflakes on Melville Drive(!)
  • A tandem for the most impressive cause
  • and more….

Stop Press:  Crimestoppers Road Safety Campaign

We have just heard of a new police-backed campaign by Crimestoppers to report dangerous drivers.

Drivers who are disqualified, uninsured, under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or otherwise flouting the law can be reported anonymously.  Phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111  or use their anonymous online form.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill said:  “We fully support Crimestoppers’ crackdown on selfish drivers who have no right to be behind the wheel and are a danger to themselves and other road users.”

Alan Gall, Chairman of West of Scotland Crimestoppers, said:Vehicles in the wrong hands are effectively killing machines, and I would urge anyone who knows of someone who is behind the wheel when they shouldn’t be to contact Crimestoppers anonymously.

Chief Inspector Stewart Carle of Police Scotland said:  “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and starts with courteous behaviour and abiding by the rules of the road.  If you think someone is endangering other road users, then call the police or Crimestoppers and do your bit to keep people safe.”

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