April 2016

PoP 2016 biggest ever!!

The biggest & best PoP ever … literally thousands of people, all calling for proper investment in cycling as an everyday means of transport …

photo: beqi at flickr.com

photo: beqi at flickr.com

photo: PoP

photo: PoP

photo: beqi at flickr.com

photo: beqi at flickr.com

photo: @hank_chief

photo: @hank_chief

The Spokes stall was there ... photo: #WalkCycleVote

The Spokes stall … photo: #WalkCycleVote

How many thousand people were at PoP2016 is unknown – but with every side of the speaker’s mound crowded, the previous record 4000 was certainly exceeded.  The political significance of PoP is highlighted by the fact that it attracted 3 party leaders (Lab, LibDem and Green), the Transport Minister from the recent SNP government and many other politicians (see below).

With the Holyrood election imminent, policies and promises were on everyone’s mind.  Investment depends on the election results and on continuing pressure on politicians, by people like youbefore the election and after the election!

There’s a report of the speeches here.   The politicians all promised more or less what is in their manifesto, but, in summary…

  • SNP: Transport Minister in the recent Parliament Derek Mackay, who arrived on an Abellio hire bike, promised that cycling investment would not fall from its present record level (i.e. just under 2% of the total transport budget).
  • Labour: The manifesto is not yet published, but Spokes member Sarah Boyack  said that more investment is needed and that Scottish Labour would ‘work towards’ 10% of the transport budget being invested in active travel, following the example of Edinburgh City Council.
  • LibDem: Party leader Willie Rennie, who had cycled from Fife, promised an extra £20m a year cycling investment (which would increase funding from 2% to 3% of the transport budget).
  • Green: Spokes member Alison Johnstone re-iterated the Green promise to invest 10% of the transport budget in active travel.
  • Conservative: Speaker Miles Briggs didn’t give any cycling investment figures, though their manifesto does have something to say on this.
@Political_AlanS CguPWpmWMAAzoxD.jpg large CROP

Three party leaders … photo: @Political_AlanS

Transport Minister on Abellio Bike 'n Go

Transport Minister on Abellio Bike ‘n Go


i.e. politicians who attended #PoP2016.   We’re bound to have missed some – please let us know, and send us their twitter name.

* = Spokes member


MSP candidates



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